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Positivity Before Finals Week

The Fontbonne women’s basketball team finally won our first game of the season. With all the hard work we’ve put in, it was a great win that was much deserved. We started out our conference play on Saturday with a big victory (82-52) against Blackburn. Even though we started the season on a 0-5 slum, it is nice to be able to start with a clean slate with a conference play record that now reads 1-0! The excitement shifted from the court to the locker room when we got to award Coach Wick with the game ball representing his first win as head coach at Fontbonne University.

Last week could have been described as the calm before the storm. It was the last full week of classes and now finals week begins. It was nice to get a win yesterday because I will be able to start my studying out with a positive attitude. For those of you reading this who have yet to go through finals week, a bit of advice—know what you need to get done but don’t let it overwhelm you, take one thing at a time. It will be over before you know it, so don’t be afraid to work your little heart out!

The Switch to Happiness

Fontbonne has been my best decision in my academic career. I previously went to University Missouri St. Louis for a year and a half, and then came back home to Springfield, Illinois and enrolled in a semester at Lincoln Land Community Center. Transferring is not the easiest of things to when you are super frustrated and stressed. I left UMSL because I had a horrible experience with my basketball coach and team. Coach Wickenhauser, the women’s basketball coach here at Fontbonne, just so happened to volunteer some time as an assistance coach at UMSL. We became close friends and kept in touch throughout the years. He knew my spirits were down, so he wrote me a letter which told me all about what Fontbonne had to offer. “I know in my heart that FBU is a place where you can learn and blossom into the young woman you aspire to be.” After I read that I saved the date to come visit.
I made the two hour trip down south and spent the day in Clayton to take a look at the campus and to meet with the advisors. Coming from a big campus where you are known by your ID number, to this smaller, homier, atmosphere is just what I wanted. It was absolutely beautiful when I walked into Ryan Hall. I love the dorms here because you can get anywhere in five minutes and your neighbors soon become your family. The faculty, staff and students are so nice to be around as well. Every corner I turn I am greeted with a smile or hug. College is supposed to be filled with good times, late nights, Ryan food, and lots and lots of pictures. I’m not just learning for the sake of getting it done and out of the way like I was at UMSL. I am enjoying every minute of it, while learning and loving basketball life at well. I have my own family here with my basketball friends, and I am happy to say Fontbonne is where I call home now.

My First Blog!

Hello Everyone!

This is my first blog, and I’m excited to get to share my college experience with all my new followers! I am currently a junior at Fontbonne University in St. Louis majoring in English and Pre-Law. I also play NCAA division three basketball and golf. Even though I have to spend a lot of time studying and practicing, I still find plenty of time to have FUN! If I had to choose my favorite part about my entire college experience, it would definitely be all the new people I’ve met. I didn’t know anyone when I came to Fontbonne but by living in the dorms and playing sports, I’ve met a ton of good friends.

Until next time,

“The best way to prepare for life is to begin to live.” – Elbert Hubbard

Goodbye Coach McKinney

This past week it was announced that the men’s basketball coach, Lee McKinney, is stepping down from his position. McKinney, who has become a fixture in the athletic program here at Fontbonne, has coached for the Griffins since 1988. The annual “Late Night with Lee McKinney” has been a great kickoff to the basketball season in my past three years here at Fontbonne. The court at Mabee Gymnasium is named for him as well.

McKinney has received a number of awards, wins, and honors since he’s been here as well. Unfortunately, he is battling cancer for the third time, but as the Fontbonne community knows, McKinney is a fighter. Best of luck to Coach McKinney in his retirement. He will forever be a part of our campus community.

Ladies and Gentlemen…

For my first blog entry, I decided to talk about an activity around campus. What better than the last games of the ladies’ and men’s basketball season and the dance crews that went with them. The women’s game came down to an amazing near buzzer-beater to beat one of the best teams in the SLIAC Conference. The gentlemen, however, had a butt-whoopin’. The highlight of the night, however, wasn’t the men and women on the b-ball court, but the team that made it a dance floor! Starting the performances were the Griffin Guys, which gave this blogger both a great laugh and a nightmare I will never forget. During the men’s halftime is when the Griffin Girls performed their Guy-Girl Dance, which I happen to be a part of. The performance went off without a hitch, and we had a great time performing it. Really put all the hard work to use.

Now to think of a sign-off slogan…or somethin’…

Border War

As you may or may not know, we are right across the street from Wash. U. We also have a bit of a rivalry. A few nights ago the women’s B-Ball team crossed the street and did battle with the Bears. A group of Fontbonne students, me included, decided to walk over and help cheer our girls on. We were louder than the Wash U fans and cheer leaders combined. Point is we have a ton of School Spirit and really get behind our sports teams whenever they are in action. To think that only D I schools have large sports followings is kinda silly. I’ll bet that per capita we have the most support for our teams around.

So Much Going On!

This past week has been a whirlwind. Last Saturday was Dance Marathon! We raised $166,807.65 for the Children’s Miracle Network! It was an awesome experience and totally worth the weak knees after 12 hours of dancing. It was an extra treat for Fontbonne because we won the most spirited award for the whole event! I definitely had a good time and made a few friends in the process!

The week following had a lot of things going on too. The Pointersaurus contest (which is a giant pizza-eating contest for those of you who are unfamiliar with it) proved to be very interesting. Two members of the cross country team were in the lead for most of the contest, but I heard later that one of them almost vomited on the other! Yikes! The FAB board also gave away attendance prizes and every person at my table won something. One of my friends won a set of coasters, another won a Fall Dance ticket, and I won a cooler cup. My other won friend tickets to a Blues game!

Friday night was the kickoff of the basketball season here at Fontbonne with the annual Late Night with Lee McKinney Alumni vs. Student basketball game. It wasn’t only the kickoff of the of the men’s and women’s basketball seasons, but it was also the much anticipated debut of the Griffin Girls. Even though I wanted to go, I had something else going on. I can’t wait until the first basketball game of the season when I get to see the teams play and the dance team and cheerleading teams perform! There is so much to look forward to as the semester winds down!

Mary Alice- Late Night Is For School Spirit

fontbonnemaryaliceMy favorite campus event so far this year has been Late Night with Lee McKinney.Both men and women’s varsity basketball teams play a group of alumni.  Going to Late Night is a lot of fun because everyone comes out to show their school spirit.  Everyone who attends receives a free t-shirt, which makes the event even better.  It is a great way to have fun with your friends on a Friday night and you get a preview of the two basketball teams.

During half time this year, there were many different events.   The students on the Griffin Gang played dodge ball against the teachers and faculty. There was a dunking contest, a three-point contest, and the dance team and cheerleaders performed.  It was a lot of fun seeing everyone getting excited for the events going on and for the upcoming basketball season.  Late Night is just a good time to be with friends and to show your school spirit.

Athletics, school spirit, and fun! What else can Fontbonne offer you? Apply today!