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Each year my family gathers for a cookie making day.  Now, for some reason we bake at the beginning of the month and somehow think that the cookies will make it to Christmas Eve, which they never do.  The cookies we make are Brookies, Red Hots and Smuckers.

A Brookie is basically brownie batter, topped with cookie batter baked in a cupcake wrapper.  The brownies are best prepared “fudge” style and the cookies are best prepared as chocolate chip cookies.

Red Hots are simply sugar cookies topped with red hot candies.  My grandmother loved red hot candies so her cookies were basically 80% red hot candies and 20% cookie whereas mine are usually the opposite.

Smuckers are a wonderful cookie!  They are like mini pies!  And so delicious!  This is something that my family has been making each year since long before I was even thought of.  The cookie is more of a cream cheese based cookie, I guess it could be a sugar cookie but the cream cheese gives it a nice tart base to the sweet Smucker’s preservatives inside.  There is one base cookie where you dollop a small amount of Smucker’s preserves (we prefer Strawberry) then an egg sealer and top it will another cookie.  This creates a wonderful little pie.

These are our family cookies, what types of baking traditions does your family have?


I’m not athletic. I don’t relish in the idea of a trophy room. I’d rather see everyone who sincerely tries succeed instead of seeing the same few people being successful all of the time. However, all of that being said, I’m definitely excited to have taken home first place from my microbiology lab’s first Thanksgiving pie-off.

What started as a joke turned in to one of the biggest events of this fall at my lab. Test pies were made before the actual event. One of the would-be judges was disqualified because he knew who was making each type of pie. Even some “trash talk” was issued over lunch. (“You bake pies like your momma. Unless your momma bakes good pies, in which case you bake nothing like your momma.”) Yep, it got intense.

We started out the competition day with what one of my lab managers called the “pie parade,” which was basically just us bringing our pies into the building and putting them into our refrigerator. (Don’t worry – no bacteria or samples go in that refrigerator!) Then, at lunch, one of our scientists judged the pies. I was so enthralled to have won.

Want to make my award-winning pie? Here’s the recipe. If you want it to be more like my pie, use these modifications: I didn’t make my own whipped cream. I just used Cool Whip. I used one entire normal-sized (sorry, I’m not sure of the actual volume) container’s contents to fold into the chocolate mixture, and I used half of another container’s contents on the top of the finished pie.

Happy Baking!! :)


While I am not as busy during the summer as I am during the school year, I still find myself not having much free time. Between babysitting, my little brother’s baseball games, and other odd jobs I do, I’m never really that bored. Since I got back from my summer vacation, I feel as though I’m constantly on-the-go. Added to my to-do list these past few weeks is dancing, not for Fontbonne, but for my studio. I am an “alumni” since graduating a couple of years ago, and this year is the studio’s 20th recital. For a kind of celebration, an alumni dance was put together. We’ve all been practicing weekly for quite some time, and are rehearsing every day this week. Let’s just say I’m exhausted and am anxiously waiting for the recital this weekend!

I did find time today to put a new “cupcakes and muffins” recipe book to use. I love to bake, especially cupcakes and cookies. A few weeks ago while shopping for travel books with my roommate, we happened along the clearance section and I found a cookbook with over 100 recipes for cupcakes and muffins. I just had to buy it, and have spent the last week  or so tabbing the recipes I wanted to try out first. I had some kiwi that was about to go bad, and a delicious sounding recipe for whole wheat kiwi muffins. Twenty-five minutes of some “me time” later and the house was smelling of scrumptious muffins.  Only half of the household actually likes kiwi, and the sound of “whole wheat” has them running, but that just means there’s more muffins for me! Maybe next time I’ll bake some double chocolate cupcakes that they’ll devour. We’ll see.

Thanks for reading..


As a senior, this is my first time actually participating in a Dedicated Semester course! I mean, I should have participated more over the years becasue it was at my disposal, but I didn’t. Over the course of four D.S., I went to the events offered and even picked up a few t-shirts, but never took a course specializing in the Dedicated Semester.

Until this year! I am currently in a HES class specifically designed by students for this Dedicated Semester, The College Cookbook or College Guide to Cooking! As far as cooking goes, I “cook” pies, cakes, cookies, and am an expert juice maker; my family can attest to this. I leave the cooking to my mom, sister (on occasion), brother (he helps on occasion), and dad (Bill Miller’s, Luciano’s, Sonic, and various Taqueria’s*). I dont even like making salads, because I feel I cut the lettuce in too small of pieces or too big of pieces. There is a definite science to it and I have yet to master it!

Although I cannot cook, I have sold knives during a summer for an outstanding two weeks. I pretty much gave up when I sliced my finger, with the knives I was trying to sell, during a demonstration. Granted, the demonstration was for my mom, but still, it was pretty pathetic. That, and my salary was not as impressive as sitting in front of the tv watching my favorite movie (which is debatable and cannot be determined by how often I can watch it in a row)

I have now been in my Foodology class for a few weeks, and have made a few things I already knew how to make and a few things I am now pretty proud to say I can make. Now perfected: granola, quesadilla (previously perfected due to living in SATX my whole life), omelette, scrambled eggs (already perfected), pancakes (already perfected), egg-drop soup (NOW PERFECTED, my group had the best looking egg in our egg-drop soup!!), and spring rolls (not perfected at all, but edible!). Unfortunately, my group was unable to cook rice, make cucumber salad, or dipping sauce, so I’ll leave that to my mom or some other favorite asian restaurant of mine!

Hope you enjoyed my cooking successes, next week Ill talk about my sewing class and my sweatshirt endeavor!! It’s pretty rad and its not even fully sewn yet!!


*All these restaurants, excluding Sonic, are San Antonio,TX based. Luciano’s can now be found outside Texas.


Take a Chance, Make a Choice.

by Alumni Posts April 2, 2012

The other night I finally had the opportunity to use one of my awesome new cookbooks I got for Christmas (counting the one I got for my birthday a few weeks after the holidays, I got a total of six, I believe, and they tempt me every time I go home). Yes, I decided to […]

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