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A beautiful weekend in the Lou.
The weather was perfect and there was plenty to do!
My friends and I walked to the Balloon Glow,
We even saw a magnificent firework show!
On Saturday, we saw dancers in the street,
Boy! How they could move their feet!
At night, I attended the Buddhist Mid-Autumn Fest,
In Lion costume some were dressed!
Sunday I slept in until eleven,
My! It was just like heaven!
Studied at the coffee shoppe,
Even made a little stop…
At a beautiful ballerina water fountain,
My friends and I climbed on it like a mountain!
Now, of course, I am back at school,
But I hope this week is just as cool!


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by Alumni Posts on September 20, 2013

in In Saint Louis

Packing can be a real pain...

Hello everybody!

I am so thrilled to be blogging for Fontbonne now, as I love to write and share my thoughts, stories, etc. As you can see, this past weekend, unlike the last, I paid a visit to my humble abode! I was quite excited to catch up with some fellow friends of mine from my workplace as well as go home to a fresh batch of apple crisp – DELICIOUS.

There really is no place like home though. Sure, we like to be independent and ‘on our own, ‘but I don’t think anyone is ever completely on their own. I suppose that’s food for thought! Just remember to place a sort of intrinsic value on your family because they have done more for you than you can imagine. So, the next time you visit back home from college or wherever, give your family a simple “Thank you” for their support and guidance. They will be just as grateful – I promise. Anyways, ta ta for now!


The past few days have felt like heaven outside. The colder temperatures and rainy days make me so excited for fall. Although it is still technically summer until September 21, I’m already in autumn mode. There are just so many awesome things to do during fall, like apple picking, bonfires, carving pumpkins and of course, haunted houses around Halloween. And don’t get me starts on all the awesome food you can really only make when it’s colder outside, like hot chocolate, soups, and pumpkin pies.

I work at St. Louis Bread Company, and we just started selling our new fall items like the pumpkin cookies and new turkey and cranberry panini, Sonoma chicken stew and turkey harvest salad. And, my personal favorite, the pumpkin spice latte! (Which is awesome by the way, and you should try it). Oh my gosh, I fell like such a little kid. I’ll just be standing in the bakery looking at all the wonderful fall treats, and I’m doing all I can to keep myself from jumping up and down with excitement. I just want to put on my rain boots and go skipping through the pumpkin patch. (okay maybe that’s going a little too far. Ha Ha) But in all seriousness, the season change makes me super happy and excited. And with all the fun activities on campus with the dedicated semester, this year started out great.


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