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Hi Fontbonne Students,

Mark your calendars for this Monday (Nov. 18) at 12-1pm.

Craig Glover, an Fontbonne alum from the class of 2011, will speak to Fontbonne students about his career in healthcare administration, information management, his work as a chairman of the Confluence Academy charter school system, and more.

Location will be in the Stroble Room (2nd floor of Fontbonne Library).

Hope to see you there.

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Today on campus, the Student Alumni Association held a Brown Bag Lunch Series presentation by Dwight Carter (’96) from Rock Uniform. He talked about his campus involvement at Fontbonne when he was a student here, all the internships he took while in college, and all the different jobs he had before starting his own business. His advice to us was to take as many internship opportunities as possible while in college and to build up our resume, because that is what’s going to get us the job we want.

Dwight Carter is a very inspirational speaker. I admire how he never stopped working towards his dream. Although originally a music business major, he also has a strong interest in fashion events, promotions, and public relations. By turning his interests into a career, he has made a big name for himself and Rock Uniform in St. Louis. I hope that I could become as successful and well-respected as he is in my future career in fashion.

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Graduation was held on December 18, 2010, on campus at Fontbonne. I believe this is the first year that they separated the ceremonies of bachelor’s and master’s degrees. I received my master’s so the ceremony was that morning. I had such a wonderful time. I was able to invite all of my family instead of a select few because we didn’t have to get tickets. My children, parents and a few other relatives all came. I rang the bell after the ceremony (my hands still hurt from that.) There was a moment when I cried; one of the graduating students passed away from cancer and her children were there to accept her degree. That was very sad but beautiful. I am an alum. I’ve been one for some years, I received my bachelor’s at Fontbonne as well. I would like to thank the university, its faculty and staff, all of the instructors and all of its supporters for making Fontbonne such a fine institution!


It’s weird.  You start off freshman year almost in tears as your parents are saying goodbye to you, fontbonnesarahleaving you in the dorms to start a new chapter of your life.  Heck, I remember thinking, ‘I’ve got to make new friends, learn a new campus, find things to do on the weekends, study things I’ve never learned before’ which all led to getting involved on campus; it’s overwhelming!  Now, I’m almost in tears thinking of leaving Fontbonne.

I’ve just had the time of my life.  Waking up at 6AM for an early morning class.  Falling down the stairs during my first month of classes (believe me that was as traumatic for me as the person who saw me do it!).  Was it because of the late nights studying for classes or was it the hanging out with friends into the wee hours of the morning?  Stopping by the lunch room to grab a quick snack, finding friends, and ending up sitting down for an hour talking.  Dancing all night for the Children’s Miracle Network.  Winning the Senior Leadership Award.  Winning the CSJ award.  Falling asleep during a boring class (just kidding!).  Working for the Alumni Office.  Sleeping in on snow days.  Decorating my dorm room.  And my next room.  And my next room.  Moving my things out of the dorms.  And back in.  And back out.  And back in.  Going to the Catholic student center at Wash U.  Going to Church here.  Crying with friends.  Laughing with friends.  Praying for the day I graduate.  Praying to not graduate so soon!  It’s been a whirlwind of emotions, from crying to laughing to praying to shock that the time has actually come.  I am going to make it big someday and give back to Fontbonne.  Until then, I’ll just help out when I can and encourage all I see to come here.  It was the time of my life.  I’m going to miss it with all my heart.

HMMM…Might have to come back for my masters I guess!!!

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Sarah- Will Continue to Work With Fontbonne

by fontbonneuniversity March 2, 2009

    I truly believe that because of my experiences at Fontbonne, I have great opportunities awaiting me when I graduate.  During this past year, I’ve been very involved in the Student Alumni Association, assisting with Reunion and the Magic House events among other things.  I will definitely be staying active with the Alumni Association upon […]

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