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Advising Week

It’s that time of year again…. Advising Week! Everyone has to meet with their advisor to plan out what they want to take next semester and get approval to register for classes. Although it hasn’t always been easy to fit together the classes I want to take into my schedule, I do enjoy Advising Week. It probably helps that I’ve got such a great advisor! She is always there to give advice and help me decide which classes are right for me. Since I knew from the beginning what my major would be (dietetics!), I’ve always had a rough “Four Year Plan” of what courses I should take when. The only hard part is making them all fit together! But she’s been great about making everything work.

So here’s my advice about Advising Week: If at all possible, come in with a plan of what you want to take. It really does make the appointment go a lot smoother! I know that not everyone has settled on a major or decided what they want to do with their life, though, and that’s okay, too. The whole point of Advising Week is to give you scheduled time to help you figure it out. And if you have a great advisor like I do, you’ll be just fine!


Switching my major isn’t a completely new idea for me. I know I love math and I know I really want to teach. I really like high school level, and was certain that was what I wanted to do. To become a high school math teacher, I am a Math major, so I take a lot of extensive math courses. I have been finding keeping up with the classes is more difficult than I had expected it to be.

I never wanted to be the girl who switched her major, not that there is anything wrong with that, I just wanted to be certain about my future, and not risk going more than four or five years. Knowing this I have been putting a LOT of thought into what I really want to do.

My observation class is in a 7th grade math class. I love it so much more than I ever thought I would! It opened up the idea of switching levels of being a math teacher. I have been talking to my family, friends, but most importantly my adviser, and my Calculus teacher who has had me for three courses so far. Everyone has been a big help, but especially my adviser and math teacher. They both know me well, and know how well I have been doing in my math courses, as well as how much I have struggled. They have been giving me great advice and supporting me with which ever I choose.

I do believe I have come to the conclusion that I am going to switch my major to middle school education. This means I will not be majoring in math, but instead in education and minoring in math. I think it is the best course of action for me.

Your adviser is there for you all year round. Not just that one week before registering for the next semesters courses. They honestly want to help you as much as they can, and they are a lot of help. I am glad I can so easily get a hold of my adviser and go to her office to talk about this stuff, instead of just dumping it on her at our advising appointment.

Speaking of, next week is advising week, and choosing my classes for the next semester always stresses me out! So wish me luck :)


Hello Everyone,
The weekend has sped by on rockets in my opinion! This semester, altogether, has gone by TOO fast! I would like to remind all students that registration is just around the corner. So keep your eyes out for those spring course catalogs!! I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is the way of things when the semester is coming to a close. To keep spirits up, though, this coming week is chock-full of awesome! First of all Thursday, October 25th, is the FALL FESTIVAL!! What does this entail? Oh, just some pumpkin carving, cake walking, costume contests, and MORE! This is a great way to have a Halloween night before Halloween. Also, this week is the MASQUERADE BALL!! I hope everyone has gotten a ticket because this is a night you do not want to miss. Have a fancy night out with friends in masks that you can make during the Fall Festival. This week has a myriad of possibilities for the average college student to partake in! Plus, throughout the week we will be celebrating OkSOBERfest, which consists of a movie night on the 21st in DSAC, the Sam Spady Story in DSAC on the 22nd, and Games and free food in the Meadow/AMC on the 23rd. All of these oppurtunities are great to have as the semester rolls along because we need moments of distraction to remind us to have fun while hitting the books. So I hope you all take my advice and try some of these events!!


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Here We Go Again…

by Alumni Posts on April 6, 2012

in Academics

This morning, after waking up at 6:30 instead of at 5:30 like usual due to our Holy Thursday day off school, I looked at my planner.  I flipped the page to next week, and I saw it: “Advising Week.  Make sure you schedule an appointment with your advisor!”

I’ve never actually met with my advisor during advising week.  That sounds really bad, but it’s true.  You see, I have this problem where I get mixed up with dates.  Because I’m always looking ahead, I sometimes think that things are supposed to be done earlier than they actually are.  So, for me, “Monday the 9th” eventually becomes “Monday” in my head.  Then I just begin thinking, “Oh, this is due on Monday.  I’d better get it done!”  And whatever needed to be done by “Monday the 9th” is done three weeks in advance.  I guess it’s a good thing that I get things done early, but then again, that explains why my advsior always laughs when I come to her office three weeks before advising week asking for her personal John Hancock.

But this Monday, I will be meeting with my advisor, Dr. Paine-Saunders, at 11.  We already sort of talked about my schedule, but there’s just one independent study course that we’re still trying to figure out.  In the fall, I’m hoping to take physics, advanced statistics, developmental biology, plant biology, biology seminar, biotechnology I, and some sort of research.  We’ll see how that goes…

After advising week comes registration.  That word makes me cringe.  If you’ve ever read any of my past blogs, you’ll know that registration and I don’t get along.  Usually, something goes wrong.  My computer decides to freeze up on me, or I forgot to get a special signature on one of the documents before attempting to register, or my friend’s computer freezes, or my friend’s internet-enabled phone freezes, or I forget my login password…In short, registration and I don’t tend to mix.  But hey, this will be my fifth time registering, so I should know what I’m doing by now, right?!


Changing courses

by Deanna November 11, 2011

Part of me feels like this semester just began, but then there is a (big) part of me that thinks it has been dragging on and I just want it to end! I can see the finish line, and I feel so close. I just picked out my classes for next semester, and met with […]

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Choosing Classes for Spring.

by Alumni Posts November 11, 2011

So it’s time to pick classes for spring. I’m only a freshman in my first semester but there are a few things I’ve already picked up about choosing which courses I want to take next semester. I still find it hard to believe that I’m almost finished with my first semester of college and I […]

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Oh, What a Week…

by Alumni Posts November 8, 2010

This was a pretty stressful week for everyone on campus: Advising Week, when students have to put together their schedules for the spring semester with their advisors. It sounds like picking out classes would be easy; after all, there are lots of fun classes in the Course Catalog I’d enjoy taking: Stagecraft, French lessons through Washington University, and there’s even a METALSMITHING class I’d love […]

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I love advising week.

by Alumni Posts November 1, 2010

I’ve definitely written about this before, but that was months ago, so I feel at liberty to write about this again! Next week is advising week – and I LOVE advising week. There’s so much about it that I enjoy. First, it’s a huge reminder that the semester is coming to a close, and I […]

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Scheduling the Future

by Alumni Posts April 6, 2010

Advising week is approaching. How do I know? Aside from the obvious notification in our student planners, I can tell because the Fall 2010 course guides have begun to circulate. Like heralding angels before Christ’s birth or fleeing animals before the hunter—depending on how you want to look at it—they have flooded into Ryan hall. […]

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