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This is my last semester of my undergrad!

Nerves are kicking in.

I have mixed feelings about this, I am scared but also really excited. I am so much closer to the real world; it’s intimidating. That’s not going to stop me from enjoying my last semester at Fontbonne though. I have lots of plans this semester with multiple organizations and in my personal life.

Right now, I am taking my senior seminar class for advertising. It’s the real deal. To me, it’s a test to see if this is really what I should be doing with my life. So far, I think it is and will be forever.

Plans after FBU:

  1. Move out of my house in Chicago
  2. Go to Denver
  3. Take a year or so off of school to pay back Fontbonne and get a car.
  4. Go to Grad school
  5. Finally MOVE TO LA

Its going to be tough but totally worth it. Especially if I have family and friends supporting me!


I always knew that I wanted to do something with the media. Then I also wanted to mix it in with something I am good at, writing. I will be graduating next fall with my B.A in Advertising with a concentration in professional writing. I didn’t start out that way though. Freshmen year, I was a nursing major just because I knew that the job demand was high. Sophomore year, I was getting closer. I decided to go into journalism. I loved the writing. Then, I also took a public relations course. For some reason that course made me want to try marketing and advertising classes. So, I change my major AGAIN my junior year when I started going to Fontbonne. This major change was the best decision I have ever made. Major declared: Advertising. I discovered what I love to do and what my future career may possibly be. Originally, I thought I was going to be a copywriter. Now, I am leaning towards something with Social Media in promoting things.


This is now really embarrassing. When I was younger, for some reason my dream job was to work at Taco Bell. I am blaming my father on this one. Since my parents are separated I would go see my dad every other weekend. Yes, we would always go to Taco Bell. Of course it did not take me to college to figure out that was not my dream job. I mean I was a kid I did not know any better. I still love Taco Bell though. Now in college, I know that I want to go into advertising. Right now I am not thinking about going into a huge firm. Actually, it would be a huge opportunity if I was able to be on the Target advertising team. I know that is not setting my goals too high for my overall career, but for right now it is pretty high. I am completely happy with it!

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In reminding myself that this blog is primarily aimed at prospective students, I realized I haven’t commented on Fontbonne itself in a while, or at least not in a sense that prospective students will easily appreciate. No one really wants to hear about my senior paper, or my job hunt. So, let me throw out some thoughts about Fontbonne. Let’s see…

How about this: Fontbonne just paid for a $450 hotel room, a $100 dollar conference registration, and the gas for me to drive down to New Orleans on the weekend of October 15th for a sociology conference. Awesome? I think yes. I’ll be attending this conference with Dr. Stoelting and Lauren Sandefur, a fellow applied sociology student also graduating this December. Blah blah, presenting senior paper, blah blah, won awards there last year, blah blah. Important part: Fontbonne is paying for a trip to New Orleans. So awesome.

I should remind you that this isn’t the first time I’ve been on a paid vacation thanks to Fontbonne. My freshman year, Fontbonne sent me to IRELAND for Spring Break. All expenses paid. In other words, the most incredible trip of my life was completely free of charge thanks to Fontbonne. There was some work that earned this trip, sure, but nothing so strenuous as to overshadow how amazing(ly free) that trip was.

Honestly, there are other schools I considered besides Fontbonne. I wonder, occasionally, what my life would be like if I had attended Webster University, just down the road – I probably would’ve studied music there instead of applied sociology. I wonder what my life would be like if I had attended Syracuse University, back in upstate New York – I probably would be doing miserably, trying to be a copywriter instead of an account executive, and failing because I was so depressed due to the frigid, miserable winters. I wonder what my life would be like if I had attended the University of Texas at Austin – I’d be in a great advertising program for networking, but wouldn’t have had the chance to pursue sociology to the same level (and frankly I’m not so sure about the accounts their advertising program produces).

When I think about where I might’ve been, I realize I have zero regrets about being here. I’m happy I’m here. Fontbonne has given me so many opportunities. I’ve been to Ireland, I’ll go to New Orleans, I’ve been published, I’ve had experiences that helped me land two awesome internships, I’ve worked with some of the most incredible professors, I’ve learned some of the most useful things. I’ve discovered so much about who I am and what it means to navigate this world. That… that’s pretty cool, I’d say.



by Alumni Posts September 14, 2011

When I think about my future profession, Advertising, I get caught up in thinking about the important skills that help the really successful advertisers do well. And then, I get really distracted, because I honestly can’t shake the feeling that everyone else needs these same skills. Some people think advertising is about making pretty pictures […]

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Final Round: And, GO.

by Alumni Posts September 12, 2011

So, it’s finally here. This is my last semester of undergraduate college, my final semester at Fontbonne. If you haven’t been keeping track of my life (your loss (just kidding (not really))), I’m graduating this December with a degree in Advertising and Applied Sociology, plus a minor in American Culture Studies. (Note to freshmen: it […]

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Planning the Future: Yesss!

by Alumni Posts March 29, 2011

This isn’t the first time I’ve talked about this, but I LOVE talking about this! I LOVE planning for the future. Maybe it’s because it helps me organize my priorities and see what work I need to get done. Maybe it’s because I love visualizing where my life is going to go. Maybe because it’s […]

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Facebook, I love you.

by Alumni Posts March 16, 2011

Of course, good luck finding a college student who doesn’t love Facebook, who doesn’t procrastinate regularly by scrolling through their news feed, and who doesn’t regularly keep in contact with their friends (and sometimes family) using this social media beast. But I feel like I have a special relationship with Facebook. I manage two pages […]

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Chalk Advertisements Are Silly.

by Alumni Posts October 12, 2010

As a sophomore, I have a year and a half of experience with Fontbonne’s advertising. Things have definitely taken it up a notch this year, as committees and students are trying to get the student body involved in campus activities. This is tremendous! I can’t encourage students enough to get involved; after all, your college […]

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Major Decisions

by Alumni Posts April 21, 2010

I’m a double major at Fontbonne. Primarily, I identify as one of the small handful of Advertising majors on Fontbonne’s campus. However, I’m also one of the even smaller handful of Applied Sociology majors. Please, allow me to talk about both. I was fairly uncertain of where I wanted to go in high school. Ultimately, […]

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