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Tomorrow is the first day for GSOPC Trivia this spring semester! As I have mentioned previously, as the chair of daytime activities in the Fontbonne Activities Board (FAB), I host trivia competitions every other Monday. They are called the Griffin Series of Pop Culture, or GSOPC for short. Each week is a different theme, but pop culture is always incorporated.

The theme for tomorrow is called “Meet Me in St. Louis.” There will be questions about celebrities from St. Louis, movies that have been filmed here, and famous landmarks. The next trivia is right before Valentine’s Day and is called “All You Need is Love.” Some other themes this semester include and will celebrate Black History Month, National Nutrition Month, and Spring Finale. A GSOPC will also kick off Spirit Week in April.

“Write trivia questions” is constantly something on my list of things to do. It may seem monotonous, but I have fun doing it. I like to spend my time researching the media anyway, so it works perfect that I get to do that for homework. However, after doing it for a third semester now, this will be the last semester that I will be hosting GSOPC as a part of FAB. Next school year, I will have a new position in FAB. Therefore, daytime trivia events will not be listed under my job description anymore. My new role will be the live performance chair. As much as I love my position now, I am excited for the change that will come in the future. But for now, I will just “go out with a bang.”

I hope to see many people in the DSAC every other Monday at 11:30 starting tomorrow! There will be prizes for the winning team!


A new officer position that I hold this school year is on the executive board for the Fontbonne Activities Board (FAB). Specifically, I am in charge of daytime events. Thus far during my junior year, I feel like my life revolves around FAB. I am not complaining when I say this, because I absolutely love being a part of this organization. The advisor and other board members are great, fun people to be around. I feel lucky to be able to work with others that are as hard-working and creative as me. Together, we plan and host a variety of campus events that occur on a weekly basis, making the Fontbonne community a livelier place to be. It is a lot of work, but definitely worth it. I put in about eight office hours per week towards FAB and then some free time on top of that. And this just includes preparation hours, not the time spent at the actual events.

This school year is lined up with many outstanding events and activities. FAB is responsible for bi-weekly trivia competitions, karaoke nights, movie showings, celebrations for every holiday, the annual lip sync competition, Siblings Weekend, fall and spring spirit week, and more! Also, Fontbonne hosts live performers, such as musicians, comedians, and magicians in addition. Some events occur off campus as well (i.e. Cardinals games, Blues games, Fox shows, etc.). There is definitely never a dull moment at Fontbonne.

Getting involved on campus is a great learning experience. I am discovering that event planning is a field that I might like to continue working in. There is so much more to college than the time spent in the classroom. Organizations like FAB help me grow as a leader. Also, I get to bond with my fellow peers during the process. Because of my involvement, I live a very busy life. But, I wouldn’t be doing all these things if I didn’t want to be doing them. I am doing what I love and loving what I do by living college life in the FAB lane.


I know summer just started, but I am really excited about the upcoming school year! I just got back from the very successful FAB (Fontbonne Activities Board) retreat, in which the officers did some event planning for next school year. I won’t give away too much, but let’s just say we’ve got some AMAZING events in store for our fellow students.

The retreat was spent at the lovely Lake of the Ozarks with six student leaders and one advisor. It was a rough start on the way there. On Monday, we ran into huge thunder and wind storms. What usually would have been a three hour drive turned into five and a half! Luckily, this nasty weather did not foreshadow or dampen the rest of the trip. Tuesday was primarily spent doing business work (i.e. event planning and leadership skills development). We did take a break to go shopping at the outlet mall and play games later in the night. Wednesday morning more business was accomplished, and then it was already time to leave. We all had a great time together. Of course, this retreat was a great way to discover our strengths as leaders and learn how to utilize those skills. But, it was so much more than that. It was a great opportunity to get to know my fellow officers better. Hanging out in the nice condo, cooking dinner, talking on the deck, and feeding ducks in the lake are just a few of the great bonding experiences we got to share together.

On the way back to St. Louis, I reflected on how grateful I am to be at Fontbonne. This school has provided so many amazing opportunities and relationships that I will never forget. I am enthusiastic and proud to get involved in so many organizations on campus. Like I said before, I am already excited for the upcoming school year. However, I don’t want to rush the spectacular summer break that I have ahead of me. There are still so many adventures to embark on!


As college students, we like to have fun. However, on a college budget, sometimes it’s hard to do everything we’d like to. That’s where Fontbonne comes in! Last weekend, it seemed like Fontbonne kept me busy from Friday morning until Saturday evening.

Friday morning I got ready with a few friends and headed down to the Fox Theater to watch the filming of America’s Got Talent! Fontbonne gave out free tickets to as many people who wanted to go. We even got free tickets for our friends who don’t go to Fontbonne. Outside we stood approximately 15 feet from judges: Howie Mandel, Howard Stern, and the darling Sharon Osbourne. One of my friends from Fontbonne also had a conversation with Nick Cannon while he was filming 15 feet in front of us!! You can look for me and the rest of the Fontbonne gang in June on America’s Got Talent St. Louis auditions! We had a lot of fun in the audience. We watched an acrobat act, a comedian, a few singers, and an awesome dance crew who I will be cheering for this season.

After America’s Got Talent, our group of friends headed to the baseball game to cheer on the griffins. All of our sporting events are free at Fontbonne so again, cheap entertainment! We got to see a pretty good game, right before we left in the 7th inning, the boys were winning 4-0. We topped off our night with Dewey’s pizza. Soooooo good.

On Saturday I had a free lunch with some of the other student ambassadors who were hosting an open house and speaking on panels. Then Erika and I went to the Esquire movie theater right around the corner from Fontbonne. The activities board purchased matinee tickets for all Fontbonne students who showed up to any of the six movies playing. Safe House with Denzel Washington is a “must see” in my book!

Watching America’s Got Talent- Free
Cheering at a baseball game- Free
Going to the movies- Free
Fontbonne Fun Filled Weekend… Priceless (literally!)

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Chalk Advertisements Are Silly.

by Alumni Posts October 12, 2010

As a sophomore, I have a year and a half of experience with Fontbonne’s advertising. Things have definitely taken it up a notch this year, as committees and students are trying to get the student body involved in campus activities. This is tremendous! I can’t encourage students enough to get involved; after all, your college [...]

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