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I did not even realize that I ended my first year of college with nothing less than a B. This is great. I realize that all my hard work paid off. All the nights that I spent in the dorm studying instead of going out to go party has paid off. Never underestimate yourself and always strive to be better. Staying focused on your grades and not getting distracted can get you a long way. Even though I did have fun every now and then, I was always focused on my school work. It is always good to have a connection with the professors. They are there to teach you and you are there to learn. The greater your relationship is with the professor, the easier and more comfortable it will be for you to ask questions and get more understanding about the school work. I am so proud of myself for passing my first year of college with a BANG!!!! If you put your mind to it you can achieve anything!


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Advising Week

by Alumni Posts on November 13, 2013

in Academics

This past week was Advising Week. During this time, students meet with academic advisors to set up their upcoming semester class schedule. In addition, you are able to talk with your advisor about the current semester and your concerns about your academic standings. The advisors are able to help their students keep on track. For my visit, I set up my spring 2014 class schedule and added Marketing as a minor. Before choosing to add a minor, I had approached my advisor earlier this semester about adding a minor that would fit with my fashion merchandising degree. She was able to help decide which minor would benefit my needs as a student. She was with me every step of the process. In addition, I was able to reflect on my current concerns about which classes I need to focus on as well as how I could grow more as a student. She was very helpful with my academic needs and my concerns. My advisor as well as other faculty members at Fontbonne are eager to help the students exceed in academics and prepare them for their future after college. This is what sets Fontbonne apart from other schools. Each student has a strong support system through their journey at Fontbonne.


When someone asks me what my favorite course has been so far during my time at Fontbonne, I always give the same answer: Music Appreciation. This response has the tendency to baffle people. I took it first semester my freshman year, it’s a Gen Ed class, and it has absolutely nothing to do with my major. Most people in the class considered it busywork and a fat waste of time. But not me!
Besides the fact that I love music, and relished in the fact that I was learning about everything from Gregorian chants to Franz Liszt to Elvis Presley, Music Appreciation class reminded me of something important. College is about more than just taking your major classes and getting your degree. College is your opportunity to expand your horizons. You have the ability to take all kinds of amazing classes while you’re here, and learn all kinds of things. Not that your major classes aren’t important – I love mine, and they let me know I’m going into the right field. But you can’t neglect the other aspects of learning. Philosophy, Fine Arts, and History can teach us relevant things as well. So don’t take your classes for granted – learn all you can throughout your time here, and you won’t regret it in the future!


Studies in Disabilities and Exceptionalities was by far the most life-changing course I have taken so far, not just at Fontbonne but at any college for any degree or certification! Through this course we were constantly given examples of the inequalities that happen each day for those who are disabled. This course caused each of us to analyze in our everyday lives these things that we take for granted that can be completely biased against those with disabilities.

Through learning the history of society’s views on those with disabilities up until today and how society has changed or hasn’t changed. We even took a trip to the Paraquad building by the Science Center to meet with a Bronze Medal Special Olympian and also spend the whole night in a wheelchair and live the life of someone with that need. We came into small obstructions or large ones that then changed our minds forever. Every time I see a curb without a curb cut it makes me upset, every time I have a student with a disability I try to move my classroom to create as even an atmosphere for that student as much as my students without disabilities.

I am so fortunate that I had this class because during my student teaching experience I do have students with disabilities as well as exceptionalities, and I have been able to bring that knowledge not only to my classroom but share it with my fellow teachers. I highly suggest this class. There is no major or career choice where you will not encounter a person with a disability, and this can not only help you become unbiased, even if you don’t mean to be, but also to just become a kind, knowledgeable and overall caring citizen.


Course at Fontbonne Brings Big Impact

by Alumni Posts October 23, 2013

Which Fontbonne course has made the biggest impact on me so far in my college career? Well, I must say that I’ve had many fantastic courses since my freshman year, but I’m going to have to choose my Art History course. I completed both Art History 1 and 2 my freshman year, and somewhat regret […]

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My major!

by Alumni Posts February 16, 2012

I chose my major for many reasons. I love psychology and always have. In high school, it was my best subject, and I was just able to grasp the information better than any other subject — so it was kind of like this major was calling me. When I first started at Fontbonne, I was […]

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It Feels So Gooood To Be Back

by Alumni Posts January 19, 2012

Break was fantastic. Break was phenomenal, break was magnificent, break was everything I could have wanted and more. But since break is over and I’m back at school, I might as well be happy to be back! And I am: happy to be around my friends and happy to get started with what should be […]

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Welcome Back!

by Alumni Posts January 19, 2012

And 2012 has begun! Which means…. Welcome back to college! I missed Fontbonne. The kids, the teachers, and of course being on my own again. Break just seemed to drag on for me. I am still used to my one week of high school break so this seemed like FOREVER! Classes and homework are back […]

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What a Perfect Chance to Start Again

by Alumni Posts January 17, 2012

I will never underestimate the power of sleep again. Last semester, I had the stupid idea of, “How about I stay up as late as I possibly can to study and get stuff done?” This was a stupid idea because it led to numerous, undesired side effects: I began to crave food, which is bad […]

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Classes @ Fontbonne

by Alumni Posts October 12, 2011

There are many different classes offered at Fontbonne. I feel that any class you take will be difficult and challenging because it is all new information and you should want to challenge yourself. Right now, for me, my hardest class at the moment would have to be English 101. I say this because I don’t […]

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