On Campus This Week: Financial Literacy

by Katie October 28, 2015

This week has been a crazy one, with a lot going on in campus life. One campus activity I took advantage of this week was Vinny Vincent’s Financial Literacy classes. This year I made a goal to set up a budget for myself and to develop a better understanding of how to manage finances because […]

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your favorite thing to do in the ‘Lou during the fall season

by Karen October 26, 2015

My favorite thing to do during the fall is to take a long ride and look at the colorful trees and water. I usually go to Alton and take the great river scenic route. This route allows me to take in the trees and the water at the same time. After a long ride and […]

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Favorite Time of Year

by Dani October 26, 2015

Of all the seasons in the midwest, I have to say that autumn is hands down my favorite one. The weather has cooled down from the hot weather of summer, but hasn’t hasn’t become the unbearable cold of winter. Everything is crisp and there’s a riot of color everywhere. One of my favorite activities in […]

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Fall at Fontbonne University

by Claire October 26, 2015

Fall is my favorite season in Saint Louis. Although this is very stereotypical, you really cannot beat a Saint Louis fall. It is not too cold and not too hot. It is a nice mix of switching back and forth between shorts and jeans and each day is a new adventure when trying to figure […]

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Do You Ever Wonder If You Could Learn Another Language By Yourself Alone?

by Linh October 23, 2015

I speak three languages. One is my mother tongue. One is part of the school curriculum since I was young. One was self-picked-up due to mere personal interest. Learning languages is difficult, not to mention languages that are not in the same “system” as your mother tongue. Take Chinese and English as examples: the basic […]

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Fall Fun

by Patricia October 23, 2015

During fall, I really have fun getting in the spirit of Halloween. I’m making Halloween treats as well as going in haunted houses. This weekend I went to Six Flags with some friends and went in the haunted houses. One of them had us step in a cage that shook! I also love listening to Halloween […]

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Marcoot Dairy Creamery with the Saint Louis Dairy Council

by Katie October 23, 2015

Last week many of the dietetics seniors and I got the amazing opportunity to tour the Marcoot Dairy Creamery with the Saint Louis Dairy Council. It was great a great learning experience (and we got to sample cheese from the creamery so you can’t beat that!) During the Tour I learned a lot, and simply […]

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Fall in the Lou

by Jessica October 23, 2015

In St. Louis, the fall season is perfect for enjoying cool days and a nice breeze. I enjoy spending my time playing basketball in the park because the weather is perfect. It’s not too hot outside and not to cold either! I also enjoy visiting haunted houses at night around Halloween because it’s a wee […]

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Autumn Drives

by Rebecca October 23, 2015

My favorite thing to do in the fall is taking a drive through the country side. Nothing says fall like being surrounded by colorful trees, the open road, and empty fields. My family grew up in Washington, MO so frequent trips were taken down backroads to see family. It was the most wonderful thing putting […]

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Favorite Fall Activity

by Quinn October 23, 2015

During the autumn season there are not too many activities that I have done specifically oriented to the season other than the seasonal sport I was involved in throughout high school: football. My days of playing football are now over but I still deeply enjoy going to football games during the fall. I still go […]

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