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What Am I Passionate About?

by Jessica March 9, 2017

That’s a tough question. I usually don’t know that I am passionate about something until I get fired up about a particular subject. Last night, though, is a pretty good example… When I got home from school, I decided to go onto tumblr and take a look at some posts.  On the main page I […]

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Passion Is What Drive You to Success

by Morgan March 9, 2017

Hi again everyone! This week I am writing to you guys what I am passionate about! It’s easier if I just list it off to you: music: I LOVE MUSIC. I can’t tell you when there’s really a time where I’m not listening to music…okay maybe while I’m sleeping or in class, but that’s about […]

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For the love of Sports

by Mary March 8, 2017

For me, I am very passionate about sports in general as I watch many different sporting events throughout the week.  I am a huge fan of the St. Louis Cardinals and the St. Louis Blues as I faithfully keep up with their schedules and stats throughout the season.  I have always been a sports fan […]

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What I’m Passionate About

by Anna March 8, 2017

Hi everyone!  Today I’ll be writing about one thing I am very passionate about…it’s close to my heart and matters a lot to me.  What about you?  What do you feel strongly about and perhaps feel you should do something about?  If you can’t think of anything, I encourage you to search around.  Being truly […]

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what I am passionate about

by Patricia March 8, 2017

There are lots of things that I am passionate about. Baking has always been one of them. I love to bake cookies, brownies, rice krispy treats, lemon bars, cakes and cupacakes. I especially love to decorate cakes and cupcakes. I own many decorating idea books and recipes. My favorite recipe is butterfly and catapillar cupcakes. […]

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Helpful study tips

by Mary March 6, 2017

For me I have had different study habits each year that I have been a student in college because for me it is based on what classes I have at the time. I used very different study habits when I was in religion class freshman year as compared to sophomore year when I was in […]

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study tips for midterms

by Claire March 6, 2017

Midterms. Halfway done with Spring ’17. With spring break just around the corner, midterms are in full-swing on campus. Some of my favorite study tips include: Make time to go outside and enjoy nature when it is nice out. Do your homework as early as possible and start studying a little bit each day for tests, […]

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by Yuri March 6, 2017

Mid-Terms. The exams that we dread almost as much as Finals. When it comes to study, there are a few things that could be done in order to boost your concentration and your retention of he content that you are trying to memorize. Tips: If you absolutely need background noise of some kind, try either […]

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Strategies to get that A!

by Cecelia March 6, 2017

It may seem that you just unpacked all of your new clothes that you got from your parents at Christmas and reorganized your folders for second semester, but guess what!? You are already half-way through the term, and that can only mean one thing: Midterms! Although, midterms can lead some to a breakdown, mostly due to […]

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It’s Study Time!

by Anna March 3, 2017

Hi everyone, The semester is basically halfway through, and that means it’s a busy time of midterm tests, projects, and deadlines.  I’d like to share a few places I like to study, and a few techniques that work well for me.  If they help you out, great; but if you have something else that works […]

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