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fire burn and cauldron bubble…

by Jess October 25, 2016

So…I love Halloween. I can’t really recall a year that I didn’t have a fantastic time celebrating the holiday – my default costume, when I was a kid, was a simple black cat, while my parents always went as Greasers (slicked back hair for my dad, huge hairspray curls for my mom, and packs of […]

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fontbonne inspires me to…..

by Patricia October 25, 2016

Fontbonne inspires me to excel in all that I do. It inspired to me to well in my academics. I worked hard in my courses, got good grades , and got accepted into ODK for being in the top third of my class. It also helped me to get internships. I was encouraged to search […]

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Things to do Around the Lou -Part 3!

by Courtney October 18, 2016

I don’t know about you all but I am loving this fall, brisk weather!  I am even more excited about the leaves changing.  If you are looking for a great place to see all the leaves look no further than Castlewood State Park!  Castlewood is located about 30 minutes from Fontbonne.  Here, you can go […]

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during fall break

by Patricia October 18, 2016

I had fun during my fall break, but I also needed to catch up on homework. On Friday I went o creepy world with my friend. We went through 13 haunted ho uses each had a different theme. They include a doll house, asylum, a farm, a clown  house, a colonial ranch, and the best was […]

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Teachers that inspired me

by Patricia October 18, 2016

At Fontbonne, there are 2 instructors that inspired me. I took public speaking with Kristen Norwood. Public speaking has not been one of my strengths and she really helped me improve. She pushed me to do things that I was not comfortable with and I am a better public speaker today. A few years after […]

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Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

by Lauren October 8, 2016

Fall is here, and everyone is freaking out. I can’t believe that the leaves on the trees are already falling, everyone is rushing to get their Pumpkin Spice Lattes and breaking out their scarves and hats. I’ve always considered myself a bigger fan of winter, because of the snow (which is pretty unpopular around here, […]

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Fall Break-ING FREE!!!

by Morgan October 8, 2016

Hey everyone!!! I hope you’re all having a not too stressful midterms week, but at least Fall Break is this weekend! I know that I am more than ready for this week to be over and to have a few days off to myself. I’m also really excited to see my family because this is […]

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Trip to Cali-FUN-ya!!

by Candance October 8, 2016

Yaaay!!!! Once again, I send a shout out to it being my favorite time of the year (FALL SEASON). Jackets, boots, scarves, light sweaters, that’s what’s up!! I LOVE IT!! I’m super excited about my Fall/Winter break. I’ll be traveling with my youngest son, my older sister and niece to Los Angeles, California in December!!!! […]

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5 Tips on Becoming Successful in College

by Candance October 4, 2016

The top 5 tips I would recommend for any student whether traditional or non traditional for reaching success while in college is: Being sure you set your priorities. By doing so this can assist you with knowing what’s important to you and it will aid you in completing those tasks that mean the most to […]

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top 5 things I need for college

by Patricia October 4, 2016

One thing I could not live without is a laptop. I can save all my documents and work on assignments at whatever location I please. I have used it a lot for my internship, since I do it online. It has really helped me get assignments done more efficiently. As a commuter, I really need a […]

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