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Thanksgiving Aftermath

by Patricia on December 7, 2015

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Visiting my grandma for Thanksgiving was fun! On Wednesday when we got a hotel, the lady at the desk saw that we had 5 people and gave us a free upgrade. We got a suite with 2 bedrooms. On Thanksgiving we watched the Macy’s parade in new York  and I got to go swimming. Then we all went to my grandma’s friend’s house for dinner.

The next day before we left, my dad noticed that my grandma didn’t send a piece of equipment in the mail (she has short term memory loss). When my dad saw that it was dated August 25, he sighed and gave a forceful whine. Then my dad asked her where the new one was (she was supposed to have sent back the old one). Then she pointed to it next to the chair. My dad  told her she had to send back the old one, she said that she was using it. My dad said, “No, you are supposed to use the new one.” My grandma said, “Yes, it’s over there next to the chair. Then my dad said, “But there is an old one somewhere.” My grandma replied, “Yes.” All of us said, “Then where is it?” Then my grandma said, “I don’t know,” and a few minutes later we found it in her closet.


With Thanksgiving falling on November 26th this year, I decided to make a list of 26 things I am thankful for:

  1. My parents for creating me
  2. My twin for sharing a womb with me
  3. My brothers for challenging me and sticking up for me
  4. Aunts and Uncles and Cousins who support me
  5. My old friends for teaching me life lessons
  6. My new friends for experiencing life with me
  7. People who motivate me
  8. People who try to tear me down
  9. Teachers who have taught me
  10. Fellow Students who have helped me learn
  11. My Roommate who annoys and loves me like no one else
  12. Having food in the refrigerator and pantry
  13. Ability to receive an education
  14. My faith
  15. Being able to eat Sweet Tea and gummy bears
  16. Living in a country where I have my Freedom
  17. Ability to read and write
  18. Warm and safe home
  19. My health
  20. My grandma and grandpa though you passed when I was young, you shaped my family and made me the person I am today
  21. My dog who snuggles with me and always wants to play
  22. My boyfriend/best friend who encourages and motivates me to be the best person I can be
  23. Turtles because turtles are awesome
  24. Flowers and other pretty things
  25. My city that I have grown up in and grown to be a part of
  26. Food.

Happy Thanksgiving! Spend time with your family, remember you are blessed and eat lots of food!






A few words of gratitude

by Linh on November 20, 2015

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Thanksgiving is in one week – my first Thanksgiving in the States.

I hereby would love to express my gratitude and appreciation to the teachers, staffs and friends in Fontbonne. You made my life so much more fun and enjoyable.

I have never been such a positive person before I came here. Having to study things I did not like and then having to deal with stress from enormous workload in school, to match family’s and self expectation had made my high school years depressing. Focusing too much on academic achievements took away most of my time for my family, friends, and hobbies. I was always in a bad mood and my health was not so great, both mentally and physically.

And though I did not get the grades I expected, Fontbonne still took me in welcoming. Since I came to Fontbonne, I have received nothing but warmth and care. My teachers know who I am, the staffs (especially in the International office) always dote on me, and I have met amazing friends who are not hesitant and anytime to lend me ears and hugs. I feel like I’m really belonged here in this small cozy community at Fontbonne.

So, once again, I would like to take this chance to say “Thank you” to all those have helped and cared for me since I first came to the U.S. I really appreciate what you did for me.




Focusing on the Positive

by Katie on November 20, 2015

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I know from experience that it’s easy to get caught up in the stress of everyday life. From this, we tend to focus on all the negatives that we perceive are out to get us, when truthfully we have so much to be thankful for. A professor once gave me a bit of advice that really stuck with me. What they told me and how I utilize their advice to this day, truly impacts how I feel on a day to day basis. This was what they told me:
“When you look for the good in every day, you will find good. When you look for the negative, you will surely find negative.”

This is not to say that no situation, person or thing in the world will ever be unfair, unkind, unlucky or unjust. Life events will happen that bring about joy, happiness and bliss, and others may bring grief, sorrow and heartache. That said, it is ultimately up to you how you react to every situation or circumstance you are given in life. Life is not going to hand you the key to happiness on a silver platter. You already have the key, and it is your job to use that key to unlock happiness within yourself.
In light of all that is happening in the nation and all that you may be dealing with today, I challenge you to take a few deep breaths and focus on the good in your day. When your brain wants to dwell on all that is wrong, think of three things that bring you happiness or that you are grateful for. It may seem unnatural or difficult at first, but I promise you this practice can really change one’s perspective.

I hope you all reflect on positives in your day, and gain a fresh perspective that will aid you in all the challenges you may face in the present and future. You are not alone :)


Bye Fall 2015!

by Rebecca November 5, 2015

As the semester of Fall 2015 slowly comes to an end, I can’t help but to recollect on this long and tedious semester. The past few semesters have been tumultuous, so I generally expected Fall 2015 to be the same. I took it upon myself this semester to focus on myself and my grades. To […]

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Recommended readings: Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl

by Linh November 4, 2015

Disclaimer: Don’t worry, I will try not to spoil. Though this book is really famous, I believe that there are still a lot of people have not read it. I, too, once thought that the work was too mainstream, so I refrained from reading it. However, as I was browsing through the “50 best quotes […]

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[October 23, 2015] Fontbonne’s trip to Creepy World – Happy Belated Halloween!!

by Linh November 4, 2015

So on a nice Friday on October 23rd,  just a week before Halloween, FBU offered a great sale on tickets to Creepy World. With the actual price being $25, the $5 sale was undeniably a jackpot. Then, our group of about 50 people including Fontbonne students – mostly international students and staffs rode the bus […]

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What I’ve Learned This Semester

by Katie November 2, 2015

It’s unbelievable to me that it’s November 2nd already. This semester seems to have flown by, and I can’t believe it’s my last semester of undergrad. My time at Fontbonne has taught me so much, not only in an academic sense, but in ways I can’t describe. I feel that I’ve truly grown into a […]

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Why I Have a Love/Hate Relationship with Black Friday

by Claire November 2, 2015

Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving where stores throughout the nation open at outrageous hours to offer shoppers the best deals on all of their must haves for Christmas. Some stores open as early at 6 pm on Thanksgiving Day. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good sale as much as the next […]

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On Campus This Week: Financial Literacy

by Katie October 28, 2015

This week has been a crazy one, with a lot going on in campus life. One campus activity I took advantage of this week was Vinny Vincent’s Financial Literacy classes. This year I made a goal to set up a budget for myself and to develop a better understanding of how to manage finances because […]

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