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It is still bewildering for me to comprehend that it has only been 22 days since I wrote, “My Message to White Students at FBU.” I vividly remember the night I wrote that blog around two in the morning. My roommate was fast asleep and I was trying not to wake her up with my loud typing. I corrected it and reread the blog over and over again. I even debated deleting the whole document altogether, fearing judgement. I was worried that the friendships and relationships I had built with faculty, staff, and students would be tarnished due to the content of the blog. I feared that students would perceive me in a negative light in and out of the classroom. I submitted my blog post that night and went to sleep feeling drained from all of my overthinking.

The next couple days were kind of hectic upon people reading the blog. Students that I didn’t know were approaching me around campus and discussed their thoughts with me. I had Facebook conversations with friends from around the country about it. I attended meetings with my wonderful mentor and dedicated faculty members about the blog. My mom and I had numerous conversations over the phone and what she thought about it. Working with Leslie Doyle and Janelle Julian, we three decided it would be beneficial to host a Forum on Inclusion, discussing some of the points I brought up.

The Forum on Inclusion that I led took place on March 15th. I was in shock to see that a little less than fifty faculty, staff, and students gathered in the very cramped LACE Center in a large circle. While we didn’t solve and address every issue at Fontbonne, we at least started a conversation. Some students disagreed with my points, but that was the intent of writing the blog. I wanted to get a larger conversation going on campus about these issues. Whether we agree or disagree, we are civilly engaging in these, at times, uncomfortable topics. I want to thank everyone who came to the forum with an open mind and willingness to learn from one another. I will close with a quote from the latest edition of Tableaux. “Remember that the dear neighbor may be the person who holds a perspective radically different than your own.”-President Pressimone.

Stay on the lookout for a second Forum on Inclusion coming your way very soon. This ongoing conversation isn’t over yet.

Take care,



Black History Month means to me appreciating those who are African American. I do think that there shouldn’t just be one month associated with appreciating African Americans because they deserve so much more than a month of appreciation, especially the shortest month of the year. I definitely think that it is important to indulge in the cultural diversity that they bring to America because without them and the other cultures that we have in America, we would not be the melting pot that we are.

Black History month is important to me because it recognizes the African American men and women who have made large impacts on our society, whether they were politicians, inventors, etc. It is important to recognize these men and women because of the struggles they’ve been through to not be recognized for their accomplishments they achieved while they were alive.

Thank you all for reading and check back in next week to see what I write about next!

peace out,



On Tuesday, February 21st I attended the Black Student Union’s showing of the Netflix documentary called 13th. The thought provoking documentary dove into the problematic issues of racial injustices affecting African Americans within the U.S. prison system. I would highly encourage everyone at Fontbonne to view this documentary. While watching this documentary with only about 15 students, I could not help but wish there was a larger turnout at the event. I understand that this event was not publicly promoted with flyers around campus, but news of the event was spread by members of the Black Student Union. After talking to members of BSU, they hosted two film events last year and had some rude students who interrupted the event by talking during the films. This was interesting for me to learn because that Tuesday that BSU hosted the showing of 13th, I tried to spread word of the event to students.

I tried telling everyone I saw on that Tuesday to come to BSU’s event. Unfortunately, upon telling people, I received an enormous amount of white people shifting uncomfortably in their seats and looking down at the ground. They all gave me a very similar answer, “I have homework.” I have come to a conclusion based on my experience being a freshman at Fontbonne. The faculty and staff at Fontbonne may be actively trying to address issues within the realm of diversity, but our student population has a long way to go. During Fontbonne’s expo event where each student organization is presented to the student population, where do students flock to? From my experience, I see students will go to Dance Marathon, Student Government Association, and the Fontbonne Activities Board. Some of these same students will walk quickly past organizations like Fontbonne International Student Association, Black Student Union, and the Latino Hispanic Union. This observation leads me to question if student organizations put diversity as a priority even if they are not a cultural organization.

If you are involved in any student organizations at Fontbonne, I ask you to ponder over these next questions honestly. Look around at the people in your student organizations, how many people of color are there, and are there any international students? Are the presidents and executive board members of these organizations actively supporting cultural events on campus like the International Bazaar and Diversi-TEA?

If you are a white student reading this, please try to realize that I, being a student of color, have a different college experience than you. I am not attempting to start a fight with anyone, I want to bring this “hush hush,” issue quietly discussed by students of color to light. I want future students of color to feel like they have a bigger platform to discuss issues they are facing at Fontbonne. If you are a student of color who relates to my experience, please reach out to me. We need to have more of these conversations, as uncomfortable as some students might become. I want to hear people’s thoughts about this issue. Do you think of it as an issue? If so, how can we as one campus solve this injustice?

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.”-Desmond Tutu

Take care,



As Spring Semester is in full swing, I wanted to share a few things I am excited about in this coming year.

I am so excited to have the opportunity to be spending my summer abroad this summer studying Photography at Regent’s University in London. I am thankful for Fontbonne for giving me this opportunity and giving me the channel to explore my creativity across the pond.


I was fortunate to be able to receive a partial scholarship because of my involvement in the Honors Program here at Fontbonne University. Without this, it is unlikely that I would have been able to do this.

This opportunity will allow me to test myself by moving to another country for 7 weeks by myself, not knowing anyone else going. This is the time in our lives where we can go and be spontaneous and find ourselves. Thinking of all of the people I am going to met, food I am going to eat, and places I am going to see are making me want this semester to go by even faster!


I cannot wait to be able to come back to Fontbonne and share my experiences with my friends, family, and peers and help to make me a better person and leader on campus.

I am so excited for the things I have coming up for me in the rest of 2017 and I hope you have a wonderful year filled with adventure, excitement, and amazing people.





St. Agnes Home

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Chapter 3, Part 1

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Age is a Number NOT a Determination

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