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As an undergrad I was involved with the social work club. I wasn’t able to do as much as I’d like to due to being a non traditional student and having children at home to take care of. But now that my children are a bit older. It’s still a task, but I’m currently a part of the Alumni Board. I was recently selected in July 2016 and have attended both meetings so far. It has been a wonderful experience. I have met many people from all ages, experiences and backgrounds that have one mission, and that is to build the Fontbonne community while thriving to engage, educate and enhance all students including alums as well as each other.

I know that joining the board will not only be a perk for resume purposes but most importantly for building new friendships with people that believe in what you believe in “Working Towards a Common Good.” Joining the board has been one great decision I’ve made!

You should consider too!


Homecoming is a special time in both high school and college. However, the two are extremely different and students experience the two completely differently as well.

Homecoming in high school involved lots of prep for a pep rally, last minute running around and trying to memorize cheer routines, football plays, chants, and school spirit permeates. The biggest highlight is the homecoming football game and the infamous homecoming dance.

In college, school spirit is seen on campus everyday and chant wars cover sororities and fraternities as well as through various clubs. However, the best part of homecoming in college is having family members come visit and alumni coming back to watch sporting events and participate in other activities that are all over the campus. Family makes their first trip back up to campus and seeing family and friends come to visit makes seeing them all the more special and a great reason to show off your school.

The main point of homecoming in any university or high school is to have students come back to remember their time. More collegiate alumni come back to retrace their steps, visit old students, and reconnect with old professors.

No matter if you are celebrating your last homecoming in high school or you first in college, coming together and spreading school spirit and love makes all the work and effort worth it in the end.


As a commuter student, my life on campus is definitely different from residents.  I am working most evenings, so any events going on at that time are most likely not going to work for my schedule.  Fortunately, Fontbonne still offers plenty of opportunities to be involved during the day and if you are limited on time.

Just a few days ago, the Student Association for Family & Consumer Sciences (SAFCS) held its first meeting of the semester.  My major, Dietetics, is in that department, so I am going to be making a point of attending the organization’s meetings and events when I am able to.  This isn’t just an opportunity to be around other students with similar degrees (although that’s great since I’ll be spending the next four years with many of them!), it’s also a wonderful service opportunity.  SAFCS is really dedicated to community involvement.  We’ve already baked the first batch of casseroles for St. Patrick’s Center in St. Louis, and further service events are coming up in the next few months.  If you’re a student majoring in an FCS department degree, or you just enjoy helping and serving others, joining SAFCS is a fantastic idea.  I’m looking forward to getting to know more of the members!

I’d also like to add something important — don’t over commit!  Make sure you have enough time for studying and homework (since that is the primary reason you are at college…right?!), sleep (it’s REALLY important, even if you don’t think so), work (if you have a job),  and any other commitments you might have.  Sacrificing one of these for a campus activity might be okay one or two times, but when they’re constantly being pushed to “second priority status”, problems start happening!  Learning to say “no” is just as important as agreeing to something.  It teaches you to set limits, prioritize, and make tough decisions.

Ultimately, what’s my advice?  Work hard as a student and try to be involved in at least one or two clubs or activities on campus per semester.  Find something that hits your niche, whether you’re into sports, campus ministry, service, culture, or just finding some new friends to hang out with.  Good luck and have fun!



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Starting my second year at Fontbonne University has been quite different than my first few weeks at Fontbonne last fall. Walking around campus, even more friendly faces and waves across the meadows are a daily occurrence. Hanging out with other students on breaks is a common occurrence just as likely that a quick pick up game is going to happen.

Walks to Forest Park, the Delmar Loop, or just around Clayton have become more common as the summer heat is going away and the fall breeze is kicking in. Afternoon sporting events and FAB events, as well as other on-campus activities, fill the schedules of the busy students of Fontbonne University.

As most of the sophomores at Fontbonne University, classes related to my major consume most of my schedule and extracurricular activities. The importance of maintaining an impeccable GPA and building up professional profiles have been stressed and reemphasized on an almost daily basis. Sophomore year at Fontbonne University has been one for the books thus far, and I look forward to what else is in store.





A Second Home

by Yuri September 13, 2016

Picture this for a second: in about a week from now, we will be a month into the Fall semester! To some of you, Fontbonne is like any other University. You wake up, go to class, maybe participate in a sport or two; then at the end of the day, go back to your dorm […]

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Meet Me at Fontbonne

by Morgan September 13, 2016

Hey new friends! My name is Morgan Patterson, and I am back for my second year here at Fontbonne as a sophomore Speech Language Pathology major. After I get my master’s degree, hopefully from Fontbonne, I would LOVE to work with little kids in a school setting. I also just started working at my new […]

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Who Am I?

by Patricia September 7, 2016

My name is Tricia Welch. I am a Senior at Fontbonne this year. I am a double major in Buisness Administration and Management. I am part of the Fontbonne activities board, an SGA rep, and a member of Enactus. I am currently doing an internship with lifework systems. My boss runs a business in her home. She sells professional […]

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A Little About Me

by Taylor September 6, 2016

Hello everyone, and welcome back to school! I hope you all had a great summer. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Taylor, and I am a senior here at Fontbonne. This is my fourth year here, and I am looking forward to a great final year at school.  I thought […]

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Third Time’s The Charm!

by Yuri September 2, 2016

Hello! My name is Yuri Khechoyan and I am a Junior here at Fontbonne! I am a double major in Business Administration & Management Information Systems. It is weird that we already have 3 weeks of the 2016-2017 Academic Year in the books and the fact that I am now an Upper Classman still has not hit […]

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Advice to Pre-Fontbonne Me

by Alumni Posts May 9, 2016

If I could give any advice to the pre-Fontbonne me I would definitely tell her to not stress so much.  Understand that you cannot be in control of absolutely everything in life.  I would also tell myself that I was going to end up a planner and that was going to be tough for me […]

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