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Simple Tricks of the Testing Trade

by Tara Jones December 9, 2013

‘Golly, how the heck do you study for a final enough to feel prepared?!’ Glad you asked. Well, let’s start off by saying procrastination is a baaaad idea. Really. It is. But we’ve all been guilty of it! No worries. Secondly, get your priorities together! Remember how in cartoons, they would show the two sides […]

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by Tara Jones December 2, 2013

Gobble, gobble! It’s that time of year again, isn’t it? Stupendous! Hmm, what am I thankful for? I couldn’t be more thankful for all of the opportunities, friends, family, adventures, and in general, blessings that God has given me. Trust me, I could make a reeeaal long list!* *I’m not quite positive any of us […]

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Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

by Tara Jones November 12, 2013

Hello, hello, hello! I hope all of you are doing well as you fight against catching the flu virus (or if you may have already gotten sick). I’ve been getting a bit busier with the school workload, as I’m sure all of us are! So, where do I do it? I personally like to go […]

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Witch’s Brew

by Tara Jones November 4, 2013

“Mint”ernal Bleeding Ingredients: Crystal Light lemonade, the respective amount of water (as it says on package), green food dye 1. Mix the lemonade and water together for 15 seconds 2. Put in 1-2 small drops of green food dye and stir 3. Add ice, if so desired Enjoy! Hope you all had an awesome holiday […]

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Of “Course” School Has An Impact!

by Tara Jones October 28, 2013

Let’s see…I’m currently enrolled in about 5 courses..? (My first-year seminar has like, three different parts). The one that’s had the biggest impact on me so far is Culture & the Common Good because it talks about [most of] the things I’ve been trying to say myself! For example, one topic we’ve mentioned is solidarity, […]

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“‘Friday’ Night’s Alright (For Fightin’)”…And a concert!

by Tara Jones October 21, 2013

Last night blew me away. The electric energy, the bright lights, the crowded space… I went to The Pageant to see the majestic Twenty One Pilots. 8:15am My boyfriend Hayden woke up to receive early-entry tickets prior to our anxious arrival & after I woke up, the rest of the day felt like it lasted […]

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“Fall” in Love With St. Louis

by Tara Jones October 14, 2013

Ahh, sweet St. Louis…Bustling with cultural events and all sorts of other shindigs. The leaves are all changing colors, the weather is getting cooler, and the days are getting shorter. So, what exactly is there to do this time of year? Let’s see…Recently, the Botanical Gardens hosted the Japanese Festival, the Cardinals are playing their […]

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Something New

by Tara Jones October 7, 2013

As you all know, this past weekend was dedicated to our siblings. Unfortunately, both of my sisters are far too mature in age to have come to it! Even so, nothing stopped me from having a little fun myself. Although the Cupcake Wars with Justin Willman, the host of the hit TV show “Cupcake Wars,” […]

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My Favorite Fontbonne Endeavor

by Tara Jones September 30, 2013

Hello again, everyone! Boy, talk about waking me up when September ends!! I think I ‘woke up’ and realize how close midterms are – YIKES! Aside from that, I have to say that the best experience I’ve had at Fontbonne so far has been meeting so many people and making great friends. Quite honestly, it’s […]

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by Tara Jones September 20, 2013

Hello everybody! I am so thrilled to be blogging for Fontbonne now, as I love to write and share my thoughts, stories, etc. As you can see, this past weekend, unlike the last, I paid a visit to my humble abode! I was quite excited to catch up with some fellow friends of mine from […]

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