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Said Your Prayers Today?

by Sherry May 7, 2012

Today, I was listening to the radio and heard that it is the National Day of Prayer. I find myself thinking of when to find time to pray and concentrate on God alone. But when would I not be distracted? I have an IEP to write, a couple of journal articles to read and write [...]

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Fall Plans

by Sherry April 26, 2012

I have been praying lately about the types of changes that I need to make and asking for God’s direction as to what I need to do in my life. The one thing that remains steadfast in His direction is my continues studies at Fontbonne. I am blessed with being a Pathways student which has [...]

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by Sherry April 13, 2012

Remember playing tag as a kid? It seems like as adults, we still are playing “tag” but in the real world. I know that I play so many roles in life. TAG- I’m a mom making all the treats for the youth group this week. TAG- I am the domestic goddess that did the laundry, [...]

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The Best Stuff on Earth

by Sherry April 9, 2012

Do any of you remember the Snapple lady who declared that Snapple drinks were made from the best stuff on Earth? Maybe, you guys are all too young but I’m sure there is a YouTube video out there some where with her. I bring up the slogan of the best stuff on Earth because I [...]

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Living Proof

by Sherry April 9, 2012

After the past few months I feel like I’m living proof that God is alive and working here on Earth. I got good test results back from my biopsies that were done during my surgery. I was able to comfort a friends and family members with the troubles and tribulations happening in their lives. None [...]

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Go Purple & Gold

by Sherry March 21, 2012

The question was posed, “How do you share your Fontbonne school spirit?” I knew that when I started looking into Fontbonne and the Pathways program that I would not be the typical on-campus student. In reality, I live about four hours away. What I found out is that Fontbonne’s colors were purple and gold, which [...]

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Getting Started

by Sherry March 20, 2012

I remember fondly my young, idealistic self who went to college the first go around as an English major. My goal was that I wanted to be an investment broker. I had big plans that I would make tons of money and then settle in and have a family and then use my degree to [...]

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Meet Me In St. Louis

by Sherry March 2, 2012

When my daughter, Emily, was a little girl she loved the Wizard of Oz. Because we were so tired of seeing Dorthy daily we searched for another musical with Judy Garland. We found the movie, Meet Me in St. Louis. It deals with a St. Louis family and friends at the time when St. Louis [...]

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Faith and Sacrifice

by Sherry February 22, 2012

Today I’m bubbling over with emotions. I recently went through surgery and have been busy trying to recover from it and have had many complications plague this process. I got a call from my adviser about my classes and she told me that one of professors is concerned about my schoolwork and the ability to [...]

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Big Bang

by Sherry February 17, 2012

How many ways can my daughter, Emily, amaze me. This week while watching the Big Bang Theory she said, “wow, look at their dry erase board. They are working on the same chemistry problems that I’m doing. Let’s see if it looks like they are figuring out sulfur…”. At this point I have to admit [...]

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