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I always love the beginning of a new semester because it’s a chance to start new and fresh. I like getting all new classes, it really makes learning more interesting. The long winter break was definitely refreshing and readied me for this new semester. Waking up for my 8 AM class however, wasn’t too easy. But I know with time it will get easier, hopefully. With this new semester I hope to try harder in my classes, eat healthier, and work out more. Hopefully I can keep up with my new semester goals! I’m also hoping for some snow this semester! So far we’ve had a pretty mild winter, and I’m kind of hoping for maybe a snow day or two, but we’ll see how that turns out. :] Overall I’m excited to be back at Fontbonne and to have an awesome second semester! Good luck to all my fellow students! :]


Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and I can’t wait! Thanksgiving means a break from school, family time, and some really yummy food, which just happen to be three of my favorite things! :] I kind of feel bad for Thanksgiving because it always seems to get overlooked with Christmas soon after it. But I really enjoy Thanksgiving. Fall is my favorite time of the year, and when I think fall, I think Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is one of the most important holidays because it reminds us to be thankful. No matter what circumstance you’re in, you should be thankful for something. When you’re thankful for something, that means you appreciate something in your life, which is a good thing! This year, I’m thankful that I have a beautiful, loving family that supports me in everything I do. I’m also thankful for my education here at Fontbonne, and that I found a new home here. Hopefully everyone can find something they are thankful for as well, because I think that when you are thankful, you are happy! :] I hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving this year! :]


Shannon L.

Griffin Girls

by Shannon L. on October 28, 2011

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Today the Griffin Girls dance team had their very first practice and I’d say it went pretty good! Our first routine has a “nerd” theme and is danced to a mix of fun energetic songs. All the girls really bring something special to the squad. You definitely don’t wanna miss any of our performances because we have a lot in store for this season! The Griffin Girls perform a variety of dance styles including hip hop, jazz, pom, and even musical theatre. You can see the Griffin Girls perform at pretty much any of the home Men’s Basketball games at Fontbonne. So even if you don’t like basketball, come on out to the home games to support the team and the Griffin Girls! Our first performance will be November 11th during the game that starts at 7:00 PM. We will be sure to keep you entertained! :]


I’ve worked in the entertainment department at Six Flags St. Louis for 3 years now, and boy, has it been a blast. This year, however, is my very first year working Fright Fest. Fright Fest is basically exactly what it sounds like, scary attractions and themes the park adds around Halloween time. This Fright Fest has been a blast so far, and I definitely recommend everyone visit the park sometime during the next month before Six Flags closes for the winter. The shows this year at Fright Fest are especially fantastic! I am in the show “Love at First Fright,” which takes place 3 times a day Friday-Sunday at the Palace Theatre. This show is super fun and enjoyable for people of all ages! Another show you definitely want to check out is “Dead Man’s Party,” which takes place outside the Palace Theatre on the Palace Porch. The show consists of 8 very talented/creepy ladies who dance the night away to some entertaining, hard core music. They will blow you away with their awesome choreography and creepy disposition. Those are just a couple of the amazing shows and attractions that Fright Fest has to offer this season at Six Flags St. Louis. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this Fright Fest! You might be scared, but you won’t be sorry!

Fright Fest at Six Flags St Louis occurs every weekend through October:
Fridays: 6:00-11:00
Saturdays: 12:00-11:00
Sundays: 12:00-8:00
Hope to see you there! :]

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The Anatomy of the Griffin Grill

by Shannon L. September 30, 2011

Being a resident at Fontbonne, I find the most convenient place to eat on campus is the Griffin Grill in the DSAC. Most of the students find the food selection at the Grill satisfying, but there are definitely some particular favorites among the students. My standard lunch will usually consist of a chicken wrap. Below [...]

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