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by Jennie on December 9, 2013

in College Life,Extracurricular

I loved snow as a kid! Every year the first snow was the greatest thing to happen. I’d go running outside in whatever clothes I had on and catch snowflakes in my mouth and just watch all the snowflakes falling. It was the best. Surprisingly, the first snow of my college career was just as exciting. After studying for two hours straight as soon as I heard my floor mates say “It’s snowing!” I was out of my room with my boots on ready to go outside. We all ran down the stairs, threw the door open and went running out into the snow. We were like little kids running everywhere and catching snowflakes in our mouths. It was the perfect study break. Playing in the snow brings the kid out of anybody. I do not think I can move anywhere where there is no snow. Snow it beautiful!


Yesterday was Thanksgiving. The day of family, food, and football. My family hosted Thanksgiving. There were 15 members of my extended family at my house. Each bringing around 3 if not more dishes too share. We all ate, talked, and the guys watched football. That is my traditional Thanksgiving. I have never been Black Friday shopping. Throughout yesterday I began seeing tweets and statuses about people getting ready to go get in lines. Don’t get me wrong I love shopping, but the idea of waiting in lines to do it does not really appeal to me. As I look at the time I bet many shoppers are settling in for a nap after countless hours of shopping to get the best deals. I hope they all found want they were looking to buy. Maybe next year I’ll join them in line and going hunting for deals.


Last night I went to the midnight premiere of Catching Fire. It was amazing! I had never been to a midnight premiere before — the whole experience was so exciting. I was excited the whole day looking forward to seeing the movie. It did not disappoint. The movie was so awesome. I thought it followed the book better than the first one. Not saying the first movie was bad by any means. Catching Fire had my attention the whole time. Katniss’s outfits, Peeta’s kindness, and Haymitch being Haymitch really holds your attention through the whole movie. I am ready to go see it again. I also want to read the Hunger Games books again. The movie makes you love all the characters and the storyline so much more. Go see Catching Fire!


This past Wednesday Fontbonne’s service organization, F.I.S.H., sponsored a homelessness awareness gathering in the meadow. There was a fire to make s’mores and gather around for warmth. Guest speakers came from area homeless shelters. They spoke to us about the mission that they do with the homeless. IT was interesting to hear. Along with the gathering F.I.S.H. was also sponsoring a cardboard village in the meadow. The cardboard village involved students building cardboard houses and staying overnight in them. My friend Sarah and I were considering building a house, but had not officially decided. A few of the upper classmen told us that they had done it before and that it was a good experience. Sarah and I wanted to build a house, so we decided why not build one and stay the night in it. We built a cardboard house that was able to fit both of us in it. Our floor mates thought we were crazy. They did, however, instruct us on what to wear and how many blankets to take. We bundled up in multiple layers and ventured outside around 11. It had gotten colder from the time that we built our house. We did not care we were going to stay the night in our house no matter what. We stuffed all our blankets through our door and then crawled in. It was a tight fit, but it was warm. It was warm to begin with. When I woke up at two my feet were cold. When I woke up at four my feet were freezing. When we woke up to come inside at six our feet were numb and we were shaking. We were extremely cold, but glad we had stayed outside the whole night. We were lucky to come in and be able to take a warm shower and curl up in our heated dorms. Other people are not so lucky. I will definitely remember this experience. I think Sarah will, too.



by Jennie November 11, 2013

Last night I went to GriffinSanity with some friends. We were not really sure what is was. We knew there would be basketball scrimmaging, but that was it. It was a lot of fun. Everybody enjoyed it. The basketball teams both ran out and their names and numbers were announced. That helped match faces to […]

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Getting Ready for the Holidays!

by Jennie November 4, 2013

Halloween is over! Now it’s time for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Only three weeks until Thanksgiving Break. I am so ready for a break and I know everybody else is, too. Thanksgiving is great, gathering with all your family. Then all the food that is made, turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, corn, sweet potatoes, and […]

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Time Doesn’t Stop

by Jennie October 25, 2013

It is crazy to think that there are only about 4 weeks of classes left this semester! I am almost halfway done with my freshman year. The real world is getting closer and closer everyday. The adult responsibilities are becoming so real. My floor mates and I were just talking about spending money. We have […]

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Go Cardinals!

by Jennie October 18, 2013

I have always been a Cardinals fan. I love going to their games and the atmosphere at the stadium. It has been really awesome living in St. Louis and going to Cardinals games. The whole city loves the Cards. Everybody is cheering for them. The atmosphere in the whole city is really cool to experience. […]

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by Jennie October 14, 2013

I had always heard that college midterms were scary tests. Tests that really stressed a person out. I just experienced my first midterms. They are not as bad as the rumors say they are. Not saying they’re easy. Just that they are not that different compared to regular college tests. As long as you study […]

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by Jennie October 7, 2013

In high school I played basketball and ran cross country, but I did not plan on playing sports at Fontbonne. However, one night two of my floor mates had their lacrosse sticks out and asked if I wanted to play lacrosse in the meadow. I went and played catch. It was really difficult in the […]

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