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by Jeanne September 9, 2012

Hello Everyone, Long time no blog! Well for those you new to the scene, let me introduce myself. I am Jeanne Eveld. I am a sophomore seeking a career in Special Education. I picked Fontbonne for its small, but close-knit community. I did not find it hard to get involved and make new friends at [...]

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The End!!

by Jeanne May 3, 2012

Hello Everyone! I just wanted the end the year with a CONGRATS!! We made it!! I know I still have one more week left and it’s exams, but the end is so near that I can taste it. I have been a busy bee and Fontbonne has been great with making the last few weeks [...]

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Looking Forward and Giving Blood!

by Jeanne April 26, 2012

Hello Everyone, Last post, I was supposed to have a picture of my old Beta Fish, Clark Kent, but difficulties loading prevented that from happening. SO! Without further ado, here is the late Clark Kent (sympathetic sigh here please) and here is round 2, Apollo!!!! (“Ooooh” and “Ahhh” here please). This week is one of [...]

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A Fish Tale

by Jeanne April 22, 2012

Hello Everyone, I just wanted to take a moment of silence for Clark Kent, the beta fish. This is supposed to be a photo journal about college life, and I believe this pertains to someone somewhere in college. When you are in college, pets with fur are usually not allowed. Fish are acceptable because they [...]

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Diversity and Service

by Jeanne April 12, 2012

Hello Everyone, Diversity week is this week and tons of activities have happened! We had a Fontbonne for Justice Event where the Fontbonne community was asked to wear a hoodie as a sign of support for justice for Trayvon Martin. Bollywood Dance lessons were given, and we did One Day Without Shoes for children around [...]

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by Jeanne April 8, 2012

Hello everyone, Did you know RHA (Residence Hall Association) collects pop tabs?!?! Pop tabs are those little metal tabs you find on aluminum cans! You can call them pop tabs, soda tabs, or just plain tabs. Either way they are needed! WHY?! RHA collects them year round for the Ronald McDonald Foundation, which is an [...]

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by Jeanne April 2, 2012

Hello Everyone, I hope spring is integrating nicely into your lives. I know that during my break, I was mostly working, but I did get to see the MIDNIGHT showing of the HUNGER GAMES!! So, today will be a kind of movie review. For those of you who do not know of the Hunger Games, [...]

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by Jeanne March 14, 2012

Hello Everyone, So this week I just wanted to point out how bipolar St. Louis weather is. Just the other day, it was pouring down rain and in the high 30s. NOW, it is 80 degrees, windy, sunny, humid, and everything else that comes with spring. The problem is… it ISN’T spring!!! By the time [...]

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An Irksome Subject and BICYCLES!!

by Jeanne March 7, 2012

Hello everyone, This week I do not really know what to talk about. It has been a semi-stressful week because of my least favorite class… biology. Do you have a class where you don’t necessarily hate it, but you have the hardest time understanding it? Okay, maybe a little hate is in the mix. Biology [...]

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Where to go, what to do!

by Jeanne March 2, 2012

Hello Everyone, Are you unfamiliar with the St. Louis area? Wondering where to go for some fun? Well, I am terrible with directions, but I will be happy to name some interesting places to go! Especially with Fontbonne’s location, almost everything is in walking distance or close enough that gas won’t be wasted if you [...]

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