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I love it when the sun is shining, faces are smiling, and good vibes are all around.

Here are some events/activities that happened recently that fulfilled those requirements:

I explored Creve Coeur Park with these lovely people (Iris, Carlos, Ben, and Bryar who isn't pictured).

Fontbonne Current Students and Alumni got together to volunteer at City Seeds Urban Farm with Gateway Greening.

I got to visit Grant's Farm for the first time with a group of Students and Residence Hall Association.

We even got to feed baby goats at Grant's Farm!

Enjoying a spur of the moment picnic at Oak Knoll Park!

Having some picture-taking fun in Medaille Meadow on campus.

Peace, Love, & Beautiful Weather.


April in general tends to be an eventful month, so here are some snapshots from recent events:

Dueling Pianos, an Event Sponsored by FAB (Fontbonne Activities Board) for Spirit Week

People in the Fontbonne Community gathered for Fontbonne Day (a day that we have off of school so that Students, Faculty, and Staff can go out into the community and do service projects). Fontbonne Day is one of my favorite things about Fontbonne.

This is my Fontbonne Day service group at the Shalom House!

For more information about the Shalom House:

A picture from the Mr. Fontbonne Contest. The contestants are getting ready to perform an opening dance number.

Even though he didn't win Mr. Fontbonne, I was proud of my boyfriend Shea for winning the title Mr. Congeniality!

NSSLHA (National Student Speech-Language Hearing Association) had a Field Day on Campus!

One of the many photos taken at the Spring Dance.

Peace, Love, and April!!!!


I could get used to beautiful sunny weather.

As unpredictable as Midwest weather can be, I appreciate those beautiful sunny days that bring people out of the darkness to the bright outdoors.

As far as recent events go, this weekend has been delightful due to the great weather and fun outdoor events that I have been able to be a part of.

One recent event was a tailgate that we had on campus in order to pump Students up for the Men’s Lacrosse game (which we won by the way).

The tailgate featured personalized pennants that people could get.

Pennant-makers hard at work.

Fontbonne Staff Members Lisa Clanton and Janelle Densberger representing Griffin Nation.

It was fun watching the pennant-making process.

Fontbonne Students enjoying the weather and waiting for pennants.

Another recent event was the GO! St Louis Marathon. My Fontbonne Friends Marcy and Isabella, and I went last year.

Here's a picture of us cheering on runners at the event last year.

Even though I’m not a morning person, the GO! St. Louis marathon has been an event that has been worth waking up for. We post up on the Delmar Loop usually, which is around mile 20, near the end of the marathon. It’s fun interacting with the runners and rooting them on as they get closer to the finish line.

Here is Marcy, Me, and Isabella in our cheer gear this year! We're wearing black, red, and green to support our friend who dedicated his marathon partially to the people of Kenya. (Michael and I went to Kenya this past Summer with Fontbonne.)

We went to Fozzie's Sandwich Emporium near school to get some delicious food and shakes after the race.

Lovin' everyone taking advantage of the beautiful weather and the hammocks on campus in Medaille Meadow.

It’s just a shame that schoolwork has to put a damper on things, and my time enjoying the outdoor activities has to be limited. Last home stretch though…less than 40 days until I’m on Summer break and graduated!!!

Peace, Love, & Spirit!


Let’s just say that last week (the week before Spring Break) was a rough one for me. However, thanks to the awesome support of the Fontbonne Community and my friends here, I have been feeling much better. And I’ve even started going to counseling sessions in Student Affairs with one of Fontbonne’s on-campus counselors to help me get to a better health & wellness state. I definitely recommend taking advantage of these services at Fontbonne if you ever think you might need it.

My Fontbonne Friends Isabella, Ariel, and I after my good little crying session. Can't keep those emotions bottled up! Seeking support is a good thing.

Since last week was so emotionally rough, Spring Break could not have come at a better time.  I only have a few days left of break, but I’ve been taking advantage of every second.

Here are a few things that I’ve been doing during my break:

I went to Kansas City with these lovely people and some other Fontbonne Students for a Service Trip through FISH.

FISH (Fontbonne In Service and Humility) is the service/volunteer organization on campus.

One of our service projects was at Harvesters, a food bank in Kansas City. We helped to sort some of the donations.

It snowed quite a bit while we were in Kansas City.

However, we made the most of the weather and hung out at the place we were staying at.

We even celebrated Nisha's birthday, a Student on the trip.

Isabella, an International Student from Taiwan, took advantage of the snow and built her first snowman!

We attempted to make a fort.

We later went to Dave & Busters to celebrate Nisha's birthday and get out of the house.

After getting back to St. Louis, I spent some time with my roommates and Jessica (a Fontbonne Commuter Student) to celebrate my roommate Emily's birthday at Build-A-Bear in the St. Louis Galleria.

Claire, one of my Fontbonne Friends and I hung out in Downtown Kirkwood, a suburb within St. Louis, and went through some of the shops.

The weather was much too beautiful not to enjoy walking outside.

We enjoyed some delicious Middle Eastern food from Ranoush.

I found this soap at a shop called Christopher's with a mustache design. (I love mustaches!)

Besides that, I’ve been trying to enjoy my break and relax, while also working on some Graduate School Applications. I think it’s been a pretty well-balanced break overall.

Here’s to the weekend!

Peace, Love, & Spring Break!


Green is my favorite color.

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If I had to pick a favorite color, without a question, it would be green. It’s also conveniently associated with the environment, and I love “going green.” A recent holiday that just occurred was St. Patrick’s Day…a holiday that is conveniently very green. The Fontbonne HES Department had a Student Food Demo that was St. [...]

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Springing into Spring Soon!

by Erica March 18, 2013

While it’s not officially Spring yet, I’ve noticed many people around the Fontbonne Campus catching “Spring fever.” Our campus’ hammocks have also appeared in the Medaille Meadow, which should be a sure sign of Spring coming! Along with this, I’ve noticed more sunny days and the Fashion Merchandising Students are getting ready to host their [...]

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Midsemester Thoughts

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Dedicated to My Griffin Girls!

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Last month was my last official performance as a Fontbonne Griffin Girl! For those of you who don’t know, Griffin Girls is the Dance Team at Fontbonne. We mostly just perform at the halftime of the Men’s Basketball Games, but I know that the team is looking to grow by performing at other events and [...]

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How I Spent My Snow Day

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My Blog for today will come mostly in video form, which I think is exciting. Click here to see My Snow Day Vlog on YouTube! I hope you enjoyed watching my vlog, because I had a lot of fun making it. And now, some pictures! Peace, Love, & Snow Days!

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Happy (Chinese) New Year!

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For most Americans, we think of celebrating the new year on January 1st each year. However, some cultures, such as Chinese culture, celebrate “a new year” according to a different calendar. Fontbonne University has a pretty diverse group of cultures and ethnic influences on campus. I love getting to know and talking to many of [...]

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