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Spring Break

by Deanna on March 21, 2014

in College Life

Spring break is always much anticipated and much appreciated when it comes. Although I have no plans to travel, but I wish I did, I plan to make this Spring Break eventful and productive! Mine got started a couple days early thanks to my teachers cancelling classes and so far I have stayed busy with babysitting, working, and observing in Middle Schools for practicum hours. I do not see this changing next week either. Which is a good thing. I like earning money, I enjoy spending time with the kids I watch, and I love being able to be involved in classrooms and see different teaching styles in place.

Other than my usual busy agenda, the two most exciting parts of my Spring Break are going to be St. Patrick’s Day and painting my new room at home! Sunday is one of my best friends, and roommate’s, 21st birthday, so on Monday we are going to Dogtown (Irish neighborhood in St. Louis) for the St. Patrick’s Day parade and then going to my grandma’s house (which is just down the street from the parade) for a celebration with my family and all the corned beef and potatoes my stomach will handle.

I am also moving into what used to be my brothers’ room in our basement that one wall is just a bookshelf, and I am very excited to get to paint that room and make it my own since I have never had my own at home. Being the youngest of 4, and growing up in the city, there is very limited space so my own room is a big deal! I picked a coral color for the bookshelf wall, and a mint green like color for the others. I hope they go well together!



Choosing my Major

by Deanna on February 26, 2014

in Academics,After College

I always remember sitting in my classes the first day of class, and observing the type of decorating and arrangement of the classroom my teachers had done, but especially thinking of all the different things I would have done if it were my classroom. The most vivid time I recall doing this is my first day of 8th grade, and I think that was when I was at an age were I finally realized “Hey, being a teacher seems like it would be a fun career choice!” Luckily, that thought was true, but it’s also a lot of work, but rewarding work. In high school I had many amazing teachers, but especially my math teachers. I remember geometry class my sophomore year as the year I decided I wanted to be a high school math teacher. I realized this because in our classes we could contract for different levels of classes, and each level had varying expectations of you, I always went for the middle level because I knew I was good at math, but I never saw my self as an exceptional student in any subject area. I was smart, but none of it came super easy to me, so I never wanted to stress myself out by contracting for the hardest levels. My geometry teacher quickly realized that I should have contracted for the higher level because I sat there in class bored because I would be flying through that night’s homework while she was still teaching that material. Because she actually took notice of this, and cared enough to encourage me to change my level and challenge myself more I discovered that having a good math teacher, who cares about your learning is really important.

Knowing my major prior to college certainly made choosing Fontbonne easy, because they have a great Education department. Fall semester of my sophomore year here at Fontbonne I had a class where we had to observe in a school for the first time. Because they generally lump middle school and secondary education majors together (There are not as many of us as there are elementary, early , or special education) I was placed in a middle school just because of space in the high school math classes. I am very grateful I was because I found out how fun middle school students can be, and they are still eager and willing to learn. This is the reason I switched from Secondary Education to Middle School Education, but I am still planning to be a math teacher and I am very happy with my choices to this day.



Music to My Ears

by Deanna on February 6, 2014

in Extracurricular

I have never met a person who’s just like “You know, I really hate music. Can’t stand listening to it!” Everyone loves some kind of music! For me, music is almost always a constant. At work we have it on in the store, and in the kitchen. I have it on in my car (often at a loud decibel).  And when I am alone in my room either reading, doing homework, or just cleaning I always have music on. When I am doing homework or reading I generally have country music on, because I find it is least distracting for me, but when I am cleaning I have z107.7 or some other upbeat, pop station on that I can blare loudly and embarrassingly sing along to without judgment. Often times if I cannot decide between the two, or I feel like the radio stations are playing too many of the same songs or commercials then I turn on Pandora and put my stations on shuffle. I have a very wide, random variety on my Pandora. My stations include (but are not limited to) Today’s Top Country, Lea Michelle’s station, Mumford and Sons, and other random stations. I love having music on in the background of whatever I am doing. It calms me and often times even helps me concentrate!



Semester Goals

by Deanna on January 31, 2014

in Academics

This is a very hectic semester for me! I have to observe for a total of 80 hours in middle schools this semester, 30 for one class and 50 for another. I am also taking two online classes, which I am not the biggest fan of online classes, but I couldn’t avoid them! I have already had two group projects. So, I’ve basically been busy non-stop basically all my school work, meeting up with groups, observing and working. It’s been… interesting. Can’t complain too much because I have loved every minute spent in those classrooms this semester, which makes me much more confident about my decision to become a Middle school teacher, and excited for the day I have my own class and classroom!

Staying on top of all that needs to be done is the hard part. I have all of my course calendars pinned on the wall that my desk is up against so that I can constantly see the due dates of assignments, and check them off as I go. I hope that these observations continue to be as enjoyable as they have been, and that by the end all my effort shows for these classes. Fingers crossed!


The Favorites

by Deanna October 28, 2013

Sometimes it is really shocking which classes end up being your favorites. Mine would have to be two that I expected the be the most work, which they were, but they were also the most rewarding courses I have taken so far during my time here at Fontbonne. I have three favorite classes. All of them […]

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Favorite Spot on Campus

by Deanna October 18, 2013

This is my third year at Fontbonne, and before this year had you asked me what my favorite spot on campus was I would not hesitate to say the Meadow. I still love the Meadow because it is where everyone on campus goes to hang out on the nice days. Plus so many great events […]

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Most Wonderful Time of The Year

by Deanna October 14, 2013

Now, from my title you are probably thinking “It’s the middle of October, why is this girl posting about Christmas already?!” And since you probably don’t know me, that is a very honest question. But for those who know me know that Red October is my favorite time of year. A fall baseball game is […]

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Reading Day Put to “Good” Use

by Deanna October 7, 2013

This past Friday was our Reading Day before midterms. For some reason this semester, all of my classes had their midterms prior to Reading Day. This didn’t make sense to me, but I also don’t make the syllabus so I have no say in the matter. Luckily, my friends’ classes were the same way as […]

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Time Management

by Deanna September 30, 2013

It’s been said before, and it will be said again: “Do as I say, not as I do!” I lead a busy life – I am taking 18 credit hours, I work 25 hours a week, plus usually at least 1 day of babysitting a week, and I try to hang out with my friends […]

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Beginning of Junior Year

by Deanna September 23, 2013

As difficult as it is for myself to believe, I am almost mid-way through the first semester of my junior year at Fontbonne University! It feels like just yesterday I was a freshman living in The Joe, but that is a longer time ago than I am willing to believe. This year I live in […]

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