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Amanda W.

Amanda W.

Welcome back!

by Amanda W. on January 25, 2013

in Extracurricular

It’s crazy that winter break is already over. It seems like just yesterday I was walking out of my last exam, and now it’s 2013! A part of me just cannot believe how fast time is passing. But I’m excited for this semester, and I feel it will be full of a lot of surprises. I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing break. I know I did. My best friend returned home from a semester of studying abroad, and I was able to see all my friends who go to school out of state. I would have to say the best part of break was spending some much needed time with my family.


The blood drive was yesterday, and I can remember last year like it was just yesterday. So weird that it’s been a year already. But anyways, it was a very busy day for me. I first visited my family at the hospital because my uncle was getting brain surgery (sounds scary I know, but he is doing well and is resting at home). Then I came to school and helped out with the blood drive, then donated myself. Even though I had already done this last year, I was still nervous. But of course everything was over before I knew it. Although I guess I felt a little more effected from it this time than I did last year. After you’re finished, they tell you not to do anything extraneous for the next day. But of course, stupid me was like ‘oh yeah I can walk up the stairs to fourth floor of Ryan just fine!’. I don’t know why I decided to take the stairs because every other day I take the elevator, but by the third floor I needed to stop and sit down for a bit because I felt light headed.  Maybe that’s why it said in the pamphlet not to go up stairs alone…. oops?

Anyways, later that day I took the trip to the botanical gardens to the Coffee Class. Let me just say it was awesome! Workers from Kaldi’s coffee explained to us how coffee is made and sold, where is comes from and how to brew. Did you know there is even a Barista competitions? Like, that’s so awesome! I bet the things they do and make puts my pumpkin spice latte making skills to shame. Anyways it was so informational and the room smelled awesome the whole time. I can’t wait to go again to learn about chocolate and I think I’m going to sign up for the Tea one too!!


Amanda W.

Fall is Afoot

by Amanda W. on September 17, 2012

in College Life,In Saint Louis

The past few days have felt like heaven outside. The colder temperatures and rainy days make me so excited for fall. Although it is still technically summer until September 21, I’m already in autumn mode. There are just so many awesome things to do during fall, like apple picking, bonfires, carving pumpkins and of course, haunted houses around Halloween. And don’t get me starts on all the awesome food you can really only make when it’s colder outside, like hot chocolate, soups, and pumpkin pies.

I work at St. Louis Bread Company, and we just started selling our new fall items like the pumpkin cookies and new turkey and cranberry panini, Sonoma chicken stew and turkey harvest salad. And, my personal favorite, the pumpkin spice latte! (Which is awesome by the way, and you should try it). Oh my gosh, I fell like such a little kid. I’ll just be standing in the bakery looking at all the wonderful fall treats, and I’m doing all I can to keep myself from jumping up and down with excitement. I just want to put on my rain boots and go skipping through the pumpkin patch. (okay maybe that’s going a little too far. Ha Ha) But in all seriousness, the season change makes me super happy and excited. And with all the fun activities on campus with the dedicated semester, this year started out great.


My gosh, I can’t believe I’m a sophomore already. I was just thinking about when I moved in last year into the dorms. I was so scared and excited all at the same time. Now walking in as a sophomore, I feel like I own the school. Ha Ha, not really. But I do feel like I have a better sense of what I’m doing.

So I feel like this dedicated semester course was meant for me: Foodology. Not only do I love food, but I want to have a career with it. Currently I’m a psychology major, but I wanted to specialize in the study of food behavior. I’m taking the Nutrition class and I love it! I find everything to be so interesting and homework to be fun. (Weird, right?) I decided that after I graduate and get a master’s in psychology, I want to go back to school and become a register dietitian. A lot of school, but a part of me is super excited for it.

I hope everyone’s semester is getting off to a great start!


Next year!

by Amanda W. April 26, 2012

What I’m most excited for next year is that I will be living off campus with my best friend. She is my closest friend, and I miss not seeing her every day in high school. She goes to SLU and although I still get to see her a lot, it will be nice living together. [...]

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Something New

by Amanda W. April 12, 2012

I’m taking a world religion class this semester, and we are required to go to a different type of religion outside of what we were raised in. I decided to go and see what the Scientology building on Delmar was all about. I brought my best friend with me, because naturally, I was a little [...]

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Registration already?

by Amanda W. April 2, 2012

I feel like this year has gone by so fast. It feels weird looking out my window and seeing leaves on the trees and people out enjoying the weather. It feels like just yesterday it was Christmas break! And look, here we are getting ready to register for class for next year. I can’t believe [...]

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Spring Break is almost here.

by Amanda W. March 15, 2012

Spring break is so close I can almost taste it. It makes it kind of hard to stay focused when a relaxing week is just around the corner. I just have one test and then two more classes and I’ll be heading home for a week. Although I love being at school, I miss being [...]

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Spring is just around the corner.

by Amanda W. February 24, 2012

I don’t have a car on campus, so I mostly walk everywhere. I was out walking today because I was going to meet friend at the Einstein Bagels on Clayton and loved how wonderful the weather was! I know that it’s supposed to get colder tomorrow, but today was just a friendly reminder that spring [...]

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My major!

by Amanda W. February 16, 2012

I chose my major for many reasons. I love psychology and always have. In high school, it was my best subject, and I was just able to grasp the information better than any other subject — so it was kind of like this major was calling me. When I first started at Fontbonne, I was [...]

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