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Game Time

by Allison October 29, 2012

Our first game is on Tuesday. We call it an exhibition game when you play a division higher than you. Missouri Baptist has a great basketball program. We have prepared all that we can and we are out to beat them. Last year they started off with a quick lead and we came back only [...]

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That Time Again

by Allison October 10, 2012

Women’s basketball is about to start up Monday the 15th. This year we have five stellar freshman that are going to help tremendously this year. We have worked really hard this pre-season with conditioning and weightlifting. This is my senior year, so I am giving it all I got this year. We have the potential [...]

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How I Study

by Allison October 3, 2012

Before I start my studies, I make a list of everything that I need to do for the next three days of school work. Doing this makes sure that I don’t miss anything. It is also a nice feeling to see what I have accomplished. I normally do this on a Monday and I try [...]

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Holding On

by Allison September 28, 2012

After Fontbonne, I will be going home to St John’s School of Nursing in Springfield, Illinois. I really hoped that I could stay in St. Louis because I call St. Louis my home now, and I would hate to leave all my friends here, but in reality, it’s better on my pocketbook to go home [...]

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Helping Heal

by Allison September 21, 2012

They importance of team bonding: FBU style The minute all of us basketball girls were fully introduced, there was an instant sister bond. It doesn’t matter if there is one girl you wouldn’t typically be friends with if it wasn’t for basketball; we would do anything for each other. We find ourselves always eating lunch [...]

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Polish Wedding

by Allison September 11, 2012

What do you think about when the wedding subject gets brought up? Well, I think about love, family and faith. Saturday, my cousin Amber got married in Pocahontas, Illinois, at a small country winery. I have only been to a handful of weddings that I remember, and now that I am getting older and to [...]

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brotherly, sisterly honor

by Allison April 24, 2012

The blessing of confirmation is a special time in the Catholic faith. My little brother and sister got confirmed Sunday and asked my older and Danielle and me to be their sponsors. I can’t describe the feeling it was being asked to do something like this. It was a true blessing. We had a lot [...]

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Birthday Week

by Allison April 20, 2012

Last Wednesday I celebrated my 21st birthday. I have so many wonderful friends that made my week so special. We had such a great time going from one restaurant to another. I even had a gorgeous birthday dress for the occasion. Wednesday night, my actual birthday, I got to hang with all of my friends, [...]

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Easter Chaos

by Allison April 9, 2012

I have two big reasons why I love Easter so much. Saturday we celebrate with my father’s side, and Sunday we go to my mother’s side. Easter is full of bright colors and celebration. We feast on a home-cooked meal and enjoy each other’s company. Each side of the family has well over 40 people. [...]

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by Allison April 2, 2012

Over the weekend, I had a friend tell me that when you live simply, unexpected happiness surprises you out of nowhere. Sunday, I left everything that I really needed to do, like laundry and some reading homework, aside and jumped in the car with my friend. At that moment, I had no idea where we [...]

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