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This week was the best week I had all year. My birthday was on Thursday and all I wanted was to have dinner with my family. Not only did they travel down to St. Louis but all my friends joined as well. Thursday night was the most fun I have had in a long time. So thank you to all those who came out to celebrate with me and my friend NickiJ, whose birthday was also on Thursday. I cant believe it has come and gone already. The biggest surprise I had was two of my team mates got a poster and had people around campus sign their names and write some birthday wishes on it. It was nice to see what people wrote. Best gift of the night.


If anyone is looking for something to do Friday night I have the perfect idea. There is this band called Jake’s Leg that has been playing in St. Louis bars for more then ten years. They are playing at the Shack Pubgrub at nine. The last time I attended it was a blast. It is something different to do around here. So come grab a bite to eat and listen to some good tunes.


Spring break I decided to hit a few golf balls. I never really took interest in the game because my life has always been about basketball, but now that it is over I said heck why not. My boyfriend and I went to South Carolina to this island called Daufuskie. The place is random but well known in the golf community. It is a private golf island that I have been going to for two decades now. Golf is the thing to do when you are older right? Well, my first instinct was to try to hit the ball as hard as I could but then I learned that isn’t necessary at all. After a dozen swings and whiffs I was taught to have a slow back swing and a faster follow through and what do you know I hit the ball every single time. (It may not have been a straight shot everytime but I did hit that small white thing) I am pretty proud of myself considering I never had the patience to play the sport, but I am looking forward to playing nine holes once I get a little better at my drive.


This summer I plan on jumping into my nursing career fast. Before I start my clinical hours in the fall I decided to enroll in a CNA program. While I am getting educated to be a nurse assistant I will be in the hospital environment observing and helping patients. I feel like this will help out while I continue my studies. CNA’s also get paid better than any job I have ever had so it is a win win for me. I have heard from so many of my friends that are currently in Nursing school that it is very hard to do anything else while in training. So I plan on traveling and visiting my boyfriend as much as I can before I start in the fall. I am really excited about it all, but I can wait for summer to arrive.


Cast Away

by Allison March 13, 2013

Spring break is just around the corner and it is my first spring break I don’t go home to work. I will be going to Daufuskie Island, South Carolina. My family and boyfriend, Andrew, will be spending the week there. This island is something special. It is mainly a golf island with three golf courses. [...]

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Oh What a Nurse I Will Be

by Allison March 5, 2013

My degree I am working for is nursing. I have aspired to be a nurse ever since I could remember. There were two situations that occurred when I was ten and thirteen that solidified my decision. My first one was in my house. My little brother and sister and I were racing to the swimming [...]

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Last 40 Min

by Allison February 19, 2013

My last forty minutes of basketball is tonight. I have always had basketball in my life since I have been in 5th grade. I have used up all my athletic eligibility and I’m not sure how I feel about today being my last day playing ball. I am somewhat happy because I am slightly burnt [...]

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Wedding Fever

by Allison February 12, 2013

My older sister Danielle is getting married in June, and lucky me I am the maid of honor. Thank god for Pinterest otherwise I would be a lost soul. I am proud to say I have made myself a pro out of wedding research and ideas. So if there is anyone out there that is [...]

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Home Sweet Home

by Allison February 6, 2013

It has been six weeks since I have been home, and I made my way back to Springfield, IL ,Sunday for the Super Bowl. I am not the type to get homesick because I am always so busy and I can admit that I was a week before Sunday. My brother and sisters had so [...]

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Twice Baked

by Allison November 29, 2012

There is this market called “In and Out” located behind St. Mary’s hospital on Clayton road that my friend and I found at the beginning of the school. It has all kind of drinks, a coffee bar, and more. This week I have been fighting for time to get all my homework and projects completed. [...]

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