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by Alumni Posts on December 2, 2013

in In Saint Louis

Gobble, gobble!

It’s that time of year again, isn’t it? Stupendous!

Hmm, what am I thankful for?

I couldn’t be more thankful for all of the opportunities, friends, family, adventures, and in general, blessings that God has given me. Trust me, I could make a reeeaal long list!*
*I’m not quite positive any of us need anymore reading at this point (can somebody say exams)?

I think that sometimes, we forget to give thanks where they are due. Let’s all try being better at that, whaddyasay?

Let’s just be thankful for life and each other; we are all we need to truly be happy.

Have a most blessed Thanksgiving and please don’t forget to show your loved ones just how much you love them!

Until next time…Ta, ta for now!

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