It’s Hard to Say Farewell

After 24 years of constantly moving  and leaving behind friends. I should be okay to move back to the East Coast; but this is not the case.  Everything started when I was a year old. My family moved to Japan and after 4 years we moved to Peru.  Well, I don’t quite remember my Japanese friends but I did make some friends in Peru. It was hard to move to the US.  In the U.S. I moved three times during my middle and high school years.  Now, the story repeats again. My time in St. Louis will culminate in three weeks.  Part of  me is ready to go back to the East Coast and start my career as a dietitian. Part of me wants to stay a bit longer in STL.  It’s ironic how a year ago I eagerly waited for the Holidays to fly home.  Now,  I am making plans to some day in the near future visit the friends I am leaving behind in St. Louis.

I know that it is for my own good to go back to the East Coast, to be specific the DC area.  There are more job opportunities there. And if I decide to go for a PhD, there are several well-known universities such as Johns Hopkins, George Washington, Georgetown, just to name a few.

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