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Work Then Play

by Alumni Posts on November 15, 2013

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My favorite place to study is a place where I seem to be almost 24/7, THE LIBRARY! Its a place I can study and also relax. I am pretty known amongst the staff and I have fun talking to them and seeing them pretty much every day. I especially enjoy being at the library late at night because no one is really there. Also, I can get stuff done for Geeking2Gether. Which leads into this weekends fun!

Saturday is International Game Day in The Library. There will be games and pizza! It is from 11-4, I will be there the whole time so stop by play a few games or just say ‘Hi’. Saturday night will be my first time experiencing STL Up Late. I am pretty excited. All I know it is a comedic improv. I can’t wait. Sunday I will possibly be with my family. I hope those plans go through. I miss them and they are only 20 minutes away!

I hope everyone got registered for the classes they wanted. Next semester will start my senior year! It is going to be great. I only have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays! This is a first. I am trying to get an internship so wish me luck! I am taking: business writing, graphic design 2, writing short fiction, advertising internship, digital publications and market research. I know a lot of writing right? Good thing I love to write!

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