Of “Course” School Has An Impact!

Let’s see…I’m currently enrolled in about 5 courses..? (My first-year seminar has like, three different parts). The one that’s had the biggest impact on me so far is Culture & the Common Good because it talks about [most of] the things I’ve been trying to say myself! For example, one topic we’ve mentioned is solidarity, or creating unity in our communities. I feel like life’s a Catch-22 and we can’t have diversity without irrational assumptions or fallacies; if we are too uniform, well, we can’t feel free to express ourselves. Anyways, we talk about broad, non-controversial issues that need to be magnified to a larger scale! It’s quite lovely if you ask me and I’ve learned a lot about myself through taking this [GER] course. The word on the street is that people find the course ‘useless, a waste of time, or inapplicable…’ I find that a little disappointing with the fact that Culture & the Common Good offers and abundance of real-life and relatable objectives – you just have to be open-minded! Moral of the story: Engage yourself.
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