Well, it’s time to start blogging again for the fall season, and I’m gonna go ahead and drop some exciting news to start off with a bang. But first: some important background information.

About me: I’m Marielle; I’m a senior dietetics major at Fontbonne; I like running, drawing, dancing, plants, and hairless cats; I’m founder and president of the Environmental Club at Fontbonne; and I’m a vegan. So that’s that. Expect lots of shameless promotion of my club’s events.

Background info pertinent to my exciting news: Every year there is a balloon race in Forest Park. Sometimes Fontbonne sponsors a balloon. There is a contest to be the student who gets to ride in the balloon.

Now the exciting news: I AM THAT STUDENT. I couldn’t possibly be more pumped about it.

SO! You should come to Forest Park this Saturday afternoon and watch me be a boss. And see the Fontbonne balloon. But mostly watch me be a boss. See ya there!

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