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It’s official – as of 11:45 this morning, I’ve been on summer break for one week. And what have I been doing? Working. But not in a bad way. I’ve been having a lot of fun working on projects that I’ve put aside during the school year. I guess it would be better to give a visual…

I’ve been doing a lot of work in my garden! In this photo, you can see some of my new plants, as well as my all-time favorite plant off to the left, my miniature papyrus! (And yes, it’s a relative of the plant that ancient Egyptians used to make paper!)

And in this picture, you can see my view from my seat at Busch Stadium. “And how exactly does an outing to a Cardinals game relate to work?” you may ask. Well, I was working on my baseball score keeping skills, of course! (And yes, I really do keep score for each and every game I attend. It keeps me focused.)

And this final picture was taken in the microbiology lab where I’m interning. I absolutely love this lab and everyone in it. I’m learning a lot of invaluable skills there, and it’s a nice atmosphere. Plus, we have a lot of fun and laughs. Last week, for instance, a few of us went out to see the new “Iron Man” movie.

So, as you can see, I’ve been “working” a lot since school let out for the summer!! 🙂

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