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You’re Gonna Be Better Than You’ve Ever Been

by Alumni Posts on April 29, 2013

in College Life,Organizations, Activities & Events

Can we talk for a sec about how Ryan Cabrera and Tyler Hilton came to Fontbonne Springfest this year? Don’t worry, I have proof.

I mean, I was never a super huge fan of either (The Hills? What?), but still… pretty cool. And Ryan Cabrera played my favorite song/only song I know of his, so that was really enough for me.

Other highlights of Springfest include raffles and prizes at the campus BBQ, a very solid fashion show put on by the fashion students, and LIVE BAND KARAOKE, which I dominated at. Good thing I didn’t have anything to do last Friday, because NONE OF IT WOULD HAVE BEEN DONE. Another awesome Springfest in the books!

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