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Soak Up The Sun

by Alumni Posts on February 25, 2013

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One of the benefits of attending a college that leans heavy on the commuter side is that I don’t have to let go of the joys of a snow day. Yup, in case you haven’t read any of the other blogs, Fontbonne was graced with a day off last Thursday in honor of Snowpocalypse 2013. And even better for me, my practicum school and one class on Friday were cancelled as well, which meant that I was able to obtain the elusive 4 day weekend. Not gonna lie, I kicked back hardcore.

But continuing with the honesty: I still hate snow. HATE snow. I appreciate the fact that it allowed me 2 days off school, but I would have been just as happy with an unexpected 90 degree heat wave this weekend. So unlike many, many others at Fontbonne and its surrounding areas, I didn’t make any snowmen or snow angels this weekend, or go sledding, or have a snowball fight….I ain’t about that life. Nope, instead I did some work in the weight room and on the treadmill, I got ahead on my school assignments, and accomplished some lingering tasks that had gotten pushed to the side by my busy schedule.  And I enjoyed it!! Because now, when MY kind of weather comes, I’ll know that I used my time wisely back when the snow covered the ground. And I’ll be out tanning in the meadow, suckas. I. CAN’T. WAIT.

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