Shadow Days Are Over

I have good news, everyone: I am pleased to report that on February 2nd, 2013, Punxsutawney Phil did not, repeat DID NOT see his shadow, which means that we are ON TRACK FOR AN EARLY SPRING!!!

I’m beyond pumped. Even besides that, though, I’d have to say the semester is off to a good start. I’m loving my dietetics classes, Environmental Club is chugging right along, and I’m happy to be back on campus with all my friends.

One of the most rewarding/exciting/challenging things so far has been my dietetics practicum. This year is the very first in which the department is trying something new: A 3 part practicum that deals with the areas of Food Service, Community, and Clinical. I’m in the Community rotation right now, and I’m currently working on a marketing/education project about National Nutrition Month (coming up in March, holla!). My time in Food Service will be spent in the Ladue school district cafeterias, and my Clinical rotation will be done at the Missouri Baptist Medical center. Community has always been the area that holds my passion, and I’m absolutely loving it so far!! But I’m really looking forward to getting more experience in the other areas as well. One thing that is great about a dietetics major is how many areas you can work in. If you get tired of one, you can easily move to another! I’m so happy that Fontbonne is providing me even more chances to get the real world experience that I need. Love it!

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