Surprises of College Life

I feel like college is full of surprises and I never really knew what to expect. I visited twice, I even had an overnight stay. But you never really “get it” until you live in a residents hall freshman year. What really surprised me was the absolute community feel of our floor. I was not expecting that at all. Everyone ALWAYS had their door open. Everyone knew everyone, and was always willing to help, let you borrow things, answer questions, go with you places. It was awesome. It definitely solidified friendships, and everyone pretty much still keeps in touch and stays friends! I think that is awesome. Nearly 3.5 years later and I am still best friends with the girls I met freshman year through dorm life, and I am going to miss them so much when I graduate and move back to KY!!! 🙁 I am not a fan of leaving my STL family. I love you guys!!


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