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Hello, Black Friday

by Alumni Posts on November 29, 2012

in College Life,In Saint Louis

This is the fourth year I have worked retail on Black Friday. When it comes to this day (which is the most important day for stores), here are all the things to complain about: waking up at 3:30 a.m., fitting past pitched tents as I make my way inside, dealing with angry and sleep-deprived customers that rush through the aisle, running around absolutely nonstop during a nine hour shift, and cleaning up a department that thousands of people just rummaged through.

Despite all of these complaints, there is one fact that rules: Black Friday symbolizes the beginning of the Christmas season. So, yes, this may be a crazy day, but I absolutely love it. I love knowing that Christmas is around the corner and winter weather is near. Despite the angry customers, I still believe in the magic of the season and cherish it during this one time of year. Every year on Black Friday, I am entertained by the enthusiastic shoppers and by myself (I get decked out in red and green from head to toe). I feel like a lot of people don’t necessarily shop on Black Friday just for the deals. I think it’s more about the experience and celebrating the holidays with family and friends.

I am not a Black Friday shopper, but am proud to say that I am a Black Friday worker. Happy Holidays!

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