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How Fontbonne has helped me prepare for the “real world”

by Alumni Posts on March 5, 2012

in Academics,Career Paths

Thanks to Fontbonne, I was once again assured and excited about the career path I had in mind. Most majors at Fontbonne require their students to complete a practicum or internship in their area of study. Both of my departments (English and social science/pre-law) require an internship. I like it because it not only gives me actual jobs to build my resume, but it gives me real experience. The relief from classes isn’t so bad, I might add! For my English internship, I worked at a newspaper writing stories, editing, and doing anything else they needed, which occasionally included attending events to interview people. I have to admit, it was a bit intimidating, and I was very timid when I got asked to edit. It wasn’t intimidating because I felt I wasn’t prepared, but rather because I was correcting work from people older than me. Eventually I got over my timid nature. The internship helped me gain the confidence I need to be ready and prepared after graduation. My current internship is working at a law firm. Just last week, I went to court with one of the lawyers, and as I was sitting there, I knew this was what I wanted to do. Reassurance is a great feeling, but it would be a hard feeling to accomplish if you aren’t thrown in to doing those things you wish to do.

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