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This week at Fontbonne was full of spring and all things that accompany the week before spring break: tests, excitement,homework, packing, and a whole lot more. Not surprisingly, this week went by fairly slowly, but that’s alright because my spring break begins tomorrow! I have just finished packing for break, and I have to say I have really overpacked. My suitcase, or suitcases, make me look as if I’m leaving for three months, not ten days. But what can I say, a fashion merchandising major has got to have her clothes.

I had a major test in one of my fashion merchandising classes this week, and I actually enjoyed studying for it. Normally studying is just a hassle, and I do it because I have to, but this class and my others involving fashion are so enjoyable that I don’t mind studying. I’m thankful that I chose the major I did because I’m having the greatest time here at Fontbonne studying fashion merchandising. I always knew that I wanted to be working in the fashion industry in some way, and majoring in fashion merchandising gives me so many opportunities and career options to choose from. I can’t wait to experience my next few years here and see what a future in fashion holds for me!

Although I am not going anywhere but home for break, I am looking forward to it. I hope to relax, watch spring training games on television, and spend time with my family, including my three cats! That’s the only thing I hate about living in the dorms. No cats, only fish. Anyway, I hope all you readers out there enjoy this nice weather and a break if you get one. I sure will try and enjoy mine!

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