Big Bend Rivals

When the majority of all students were home with family for the long Christmas break, both men’s and women’s basketball were here at Fontbonne playing. Over break, we had a lot of conference games. Most recently we played Webster. Now if you don’t know, Webster is our biggest rival. We call it the Big Bend rivalry. I wasn’t here last year so I didn’t really understand how intense the game was going to be. Fifteen minutes before the girl’s game started, people were packing the stands. Sad to say there were more Webster fans then Fontbonne at that time, but it was nice to have a crowd. It was a physical game from start to finish. We played harder then any other game because we wanted and needed this win badly. It was a satisfying game, because we have the lead the whole game. What a sweet victory. This week both men and women play Spaulding Thursday and Mac Saturday. Let’s get two more wins Fontbonne!

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