Thanksgiving Travels and Plans

I got up at 4 a.m. to take Brad Soble to the airport for his 6 a.m. flight. Why is he leaving so early? Frankly, I have no idea, but that’s beside the point. I too am leaving today for upstate New York, around 2 p.m. This is a pretty great week – there’s nothing quite like the two-day week that is Thanksgiving break!

Of course, I’m actually flying into Buffalo, NY, not Rochester, my home town. Jess, my girlfriend and best friend since high school, is at the University of Buffalo, where she studies pharmacy. She’ll be picking me up from the airport, and I’ll be spending the night with her on Tuesday. Wednesday morning, I have an interview with an advertising agency in downtown Buffalo – I’m really, really excited about it! And nervous. But mostly excited, and really wishing I could land a job here since it’d be amazing to end the long-distance part of my current relationship!

After the interview, we – Jess and I – are heading back to Rochester together, where I’ll see my family – and my dog! – for the first time since my birthday in October, a month prior. This holiday time together should be a nice break before one final week-long push to complete my undergraduate classes!

Enjoy this Thanksgiving, everyone! And reflect on all you have to be thankful for, and be grateful. Enjoy what you have and more importantly who you have to share it with!

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