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by Alumni Posts on October 12, 2011

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This semester has been kind to me as far as classes go, so I thought I would talk a little bit about what classes I’m taking. I’m happy to not have many Gen-Eds to get out of the way, so now I can really get down to my major-specific classes: this semester, it’s Chemistry, Food Science, Principles of Nutrition, and Foundations in Human Environmental Science. I’m really enjoying all of them! (Yup… even the chemistry!)

If I had to pick a favorite class, I would probably go with either Food Science or Principles of Nutrition. If you hadn’t guessed, my major is dietetics, and I love learning about food! In Food Science, I’m learning about the properties of certain foods and how they react with other things – like why oatmeal swells up when you cook it, or why fruit browns when it’s cut. It really is fascinating! Plus, I get to cook food in the lab, which is always fun. Principles of Nutrition is more of the facts of eating healthy: how to do it and why it’s important. It’s a great class to pick up tips on how to eat right!

Of course, none of my classes would be enjoyable without my great teachers. I feel so lucky to be at a school where all my teachers know me by name, and where I can talk to my advisor about anything! Fontbonne is a small school, and it has its pros and cons, but the atmosphere here is what makes Fontbonne really special. :)

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