Bread Co.

I have a problem. That problem is Bread Co bagels. They are ADDICTING! As are many other things at Bread Co, and a big part of my problem is location. For the past 5 years now B.Co has been conveniently located just up the street from the school I have attended. It was right up the street from my high school and is now an easy walk from Fontbonne. I love it, but it is also not such a good thing. If I am not eating on campus, then I am most likely eating at Bread Company. It adds up after a while, especially since within the last 5 days I have eaten there 3 times. I need a break from Bread Co! But they place them self close to everywhere I go, and it is always a healthier choice than all the fast food restaurants so it’s just way too¬†convenient¬†for me to avoid!

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