Hey, Hey, the School Year’s Back

Welcome to another school year, everyone! I hope your summer went well, and that you’re making a smooth transition into the academical world. (Is that a phrase already, or did I just coin something here? Somehow, I don’t think it’ll catch on.)

My summer was great, and I miss those days sorely.  I worked at a high school in the Technology department, playing Follow The Grey Wire Throughout The Building and changing out hard drives in the computer labs. I’m really fortunate to have a job I enjoy doing.

Now that I’m back in school, though, I’m remembering how much I like learning, too.  It’s neat to be able to say, “Hey! We just learned about this in class today!” when you see a cumulonimbus cloud in the sky or something. (I think I learned about clouds in grade school. It sure stuck with me, didn’t it? That’s a good example of how I like to learn stuff and hold on to it for later.)

I was thinking about the learning process this afternoon when I was completing my “My Journey to Becoming a Teacher” essay for my Intro to Classroom Teaching class. I’ve always had people telling me “You know, you should be a teacher. You’d be good at it!” and since I’ve always liked school and being organized, I thought I ought to give the idea a try by taking a teaching class this semester. Besides the regular bookwork and material about what teachers do, I’ll be tutoring students at Brentwood Middle School once a week and doing a practicum of 30 observation hours. By the end of the semester, I should be able to come to an informed, definite decision as to whether or not I want to teach.

I’m taking some good classes this semester – Discrete Math (it’s a very secretive subject), which I love, Object Oriented Programming, which I like, and American History, which is interesting. Unfortunately, I have a test over six chapters of American History on Tuesday, which means this weekend will consist of studying, more studying, and, yes, even more studying. Last year, I didn’t really have that many tests because I was in a bunch of classes that followed the read-discuss- write-a-paper model, and, boy, did I love that!

In other news, can you believe it’s September already? And now the weather’s changing. The other day, I seriously saw some geese flying southbound in a big V.  The end is near. Of hot, sunny days and swimming pools, that is.

I guess one of these years I’ll get used to the cold weather. Until then, I’ll do my best not to crab about it.

You’ll hold me to that, won’t you, dear reader? I can get pretty ornery around January…

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