Sarah-Lip-synced Her Way Through Spirit Week

I was very involved in spirit week!  Monica Ellebracht and I decided to go to the lip sync concert on Wednesday night in the DSAC.  It was awesome!  We had to go to a Dance Marathon meeting at Washington University at 9:00, but decided to go there first.  So before the event we planned that we would dress up.  Monica came to my room, and we were changing outfits where I was the guy (Michael Buble) and she was the girl (Nelly Furtado) in a singing duet.  It worked out great.  We ended up practicing beforehand how we’d portray them.  It was a hit!  
  I didn’t know there was a reward in this lip-syncing business.  I thought it would just be for fun.  Apparently, I was wrong and we won money.  Yippee!!  The team that beat us out of the big money was so funny.  I mean to tell you, they ended up singing a song meant for the Jackson 5 (they were the Jackson 2).  It was so great!  They had all of the movements associated with the song (except the thing that Michael Jackson does with his feet).  You know the backwards walking?  It ended up being a hoot of a time and it was the first ever lip sync contest at Fontbonne.  Memories, so many memories!

(And check out the vid of Sarah below at Lip Synch night!)


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